Karamo Brown's Late Friend Jokes About "How Handsome" He Is From the Other Side

The Queer Eye star recognized his old pal's sense of humor right away.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 05, 2019 1:00 AMTags
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Tyler Henry can add "paranormal jokester" to his resume now.  

Thanks to the 23-year-old clairvoyant, Karamo Brown reconnected with more than one unearthly loved one during Thursday's brand-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry and indulged in a few laughs with them, too. After offering some closure to Queer Eye's resident culture expert via his late grandmother Cybil, Tyler sensed someone else's story trickling in from the other side.

"They're having me reference to this feeling of planning something romantic, or love-life oriented. Like, exciting, positive," the medium relayed first. "And then, there's a death."

That made sense to Karamo, who explained that the person he had in mind tried to "rush" a marriage ceremony before passing away. "The last time I saw him was, he called me and said, 'Can you please come? My partner and I, we're going to have a ceremony to get married.' And then, he was passed," the lifestyle expert remembered.

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But it was his pal Mike's persisting sense of humor that ultimately confirmed the TV personality and father of two really was in the company of an old friend. "There's this joke about having a crush on you. I don't know what this is," said Tyler. "They're having me joke with you about your appearance and how handsome you are from the other side."

"He would always joke about me being handsome! He said I looked like a younger version of his partner," Karamo laughed, before going on to articulate just how special his and Mike's friendship was—and continues to be.

"Everything that's happened in my career, I attest a large part of it to him. And so, every time I have a new success, I constantly am thinking of him," he told Tyler. "Because he was probably the first person to believe in me in a way that I had never experienced."

The medium let his guest know that his friend is very much still involved "in people's lives that were important to him" and praises Mike's "amazing" soul. "I'm so glad he came through today," said Tyler.

"Yeah, so am I," Karamo agreed.

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Across town in Marina del Rey, Tyler sat down with Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay, who wanted to consult her grandmother about something they'd spoken about quite a lot while she was alive: Scheana's love life. So, after looking back at her grandma Maxine's dating advice circa 1994, the reality star redirected their conversation to the present day.

The reality star explained that she'd been relegated to relationship limbo by "one person in particular in my life" who started out as a friend and steadily became something considerably more than that.

"Fourth of July this year, we crossed that line. And it came down to a, 'Are we gonna date or not?' And he said he wasn't ready. And I said, 'OK, then I'm gonna continue dating.' But then that became an issue," Scheana sighed.

And even though the pair never really put a label on it, she was still understandably eager to hear her grandmother's thoughts on keeping this guy in her life vs. not. "I'm just like, 'Can I go and can we do this just as friends? Or are we gonna keep fighting and doing this up and down thing?'" she finished.

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Tyler didn't beat around the bush with his reply—even if it wasn't the answer his client wanted to hear—probably because grandma Maxine didn't with hers, either.  

"They were pretty clearly coming through and basically talking about cutting the chord. It doesn't feel intuitively right to me to maintain that in a romantic way," he told Scheana, adding that she's meant to focus her energies on personal achievements and career goals rather than romance right now. And it sounded like the longtime SUR employee understood where the advice was coming from.

"I think my grandma would definitely be happy about Tyler's advice to stay single," she told the Hollywood Medium camera once her session was over. "And I know she would just tell me to focus on myself and my career. And that's the most important thing right now."

Watch Karamo and Scheana's readings play out—and learn a little bit about Brad Goreski's grandma, too—in the full recap video above!