Justin Bieber's April Fools' Day Prank Has Fans Wondering If Hailey Is Pregnant

Plus, find out about the pranks that Jennifer Garner and Tom Brady are pulling off

By Cydney Contreras Apr 01, 2019 8:35 PMTags
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The day that people either love or hate is finally here. 

April Fools' Day has finally rolled around and some celebs are getting in their laughs while they can. Thousands of fans woke up on Monday morning to find that stars like Jennifer Garner and Tom Brady are trying to pull a fast one on them. Some people, like Jen, got particularly creative with their pranks, while others tried to do the age-old pregnancy announcement.

Justin Bieber happens to be one of those stars. Shared to his Instagram on Monday afternoon was a suspect-looking photo of a sonogram. The photo was left caption-less, but people knew it was a fake when his wife Hailey Bieber commented, "Very funny..." Plus, the baby was way too big for people to believe Hailey could be hiding a bump that big and a Google search would reveal that the photo is indeed a fake. 

Biggest Celebrity Pranksters

The story took a twist though, when Hailey deleted her comment on the sonogram. Then, just moments later, Justin shared a second photo of Hailey sitting on the exam table at a doctor's office, with her tummy exposed.

"If U thought it was April fools," the "What Do U Mean" singer hinted. Huh? 

No word yet on whether this one is a prank or the real thing. 

Jennifer Garner managed to pull off a prank that was both light-hearted and creative, by jokingly announcing the release of her autobiography. Although, it must be said that her prank did elicit some disappointment from her more avid fans. She apologized, "Thank you for being so happy for me. Your sweetness makes me feel [guilty emoji] for playing a joke. But this is an April Fool's."

Tom Brady, on the other hand, nearly caused a riot by joking that he was retiring from the New England Patriots. "I'm retiring. In my spare time, I'll be tweeting," the six time Super Bowl champion stated

Unsurprisingly, fans went mad over the news, causing the 41-year-old to clear-up any unnecessary confusion. His response was simply: "Was this a bad joke?" Probably not the best thing to say in your first-ever tweet.

Then there are stars like Mindy Kaling, who showed off her new blonde locks as a prank on her fans. The natural brunette included the hashtag #AprilFoolsDay, but now some people are urging her to make the drastic change. "Ummmm ok do it tho," model Tess Holliday told her. 

However, a few stars are taking the opportunity to air their grievances about the infamous holiday, including Mark Hamill, who tweeted, "I was hoping to do a gag that was actually funny, without being mean-spirited, irritating or massively disappointing. I'll let you know when I think of one."

But the pranks don't end there! Celebs are only getting started.

With hours left in the day, who knows what else these stars will pull off.