See Tyler Henry & Brad Goreski Bond Over Shared Bullying Experiences on Hollywood Medium

During a reading, the Hollywood Medium star and the famed stylist take a moment to discuss bullying

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Watch: Brad Goreski Remembers Acceptance by His Late Grandmother

Unconditional love is so important.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the celebrated clairvoyant bonds with stylist Brad Goreski over their shared experiences with bullying. While the 41-year-old fashion expert faced harassment in his youth, he reveals he had an ally in his grandmother.

"She was a very big champion, who made me feel…no matter who I was or what I was that it's exactly the way it should be," Goreski shares. "I was bullied in school. I would know where the people were [that] I needed to stay away from and then the people where I could go and do my thing. And then, luckily on the other end of that, have like a safe place at home where I could be with my grandma."

Per Brad, his "very loving" and "very progressive" grandmother was the one who encouraged his different creative pursuits.

This confession resonates deeply with Tyler Henry, who also experienced bullying while growing up. However, Tyler admits he was actually picked on more for being a medium.

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"I think being gay was something that people had kind of heard of, you know at my age. They hadn't heard of mediums," the 23-year-old medium adds.

Shockingly, Tyler's mother was (at first) far more supportive of him being a medium than his sexual orientation. Nonetheless, after some time, both of Tyler's parents accepted him fully.

"So, my mom and my dad eventually were incredibly accepting and they live with me now. We're really close," the E! personality states. "I'm really blessed to have good parents."

As for Brad's coming out experience? It was a quick conversation with his mother—who claimed she knew all along.

"To have that unconditional love is just so important," Tyler further notes.

Watch Brad and Tyler's sit down for yourself in the clip above!