Jana Kramer Says She's "So Proud" of Husband Mike Caussin After Revealing Sex Addiction

He opened up about his treatment and relapses in a podcast episode last week

By Lena Grossman Mar 31, 2019 10:19 PMTags
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Jana Kramer is showing support for her husband Mike Caussin a few days after he revealed some pretty personal news with the public.

On March 25, the couple opened up on Kramer's iHeartRadio podcast called Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Caussin talked at length about his seeking treatment for sex addiction. Caussin said on the podcast that he went to a treatment facility three years ago for 60 days and just celebrated the one-year mark of his sobriety.

The former NFL player explained that Kramer "gave me an ultimatum" when she found out that he had cheated on her and they separated after one year of marriage. The two of them renewed their vows about a year and a half later on the beach in Hawaii.

"Ever since then, I have been in the 12-step program of sex addiction," Caussin said.

On Saturday, the "I Got the Boy" singer shared a photo of them on Instagram and wrote about why she was "so proud" of her husband for sharing his story with her podcast listeners.

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Kramer began her post by writing about how the past few days have been "so amazing" and that she wants to make a tribute to her loving husband.

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"On Monday he shared his story and his truth about addiction on the podcast which he didn't have to do by any means but did because he wants to help others. I just want to take a minute to say how proud of him that I am," she wrote. "Addiction is a very hard thing for both those going through it and those affected by it but I am so proud of his strength and willingness to be a better man for not only his family but for himself."

The 35-year-old said she "truly can't wait to see all the people he is going to help on his journey through sobriety."

The Caussin family celebrated in a lovely way as the parents and their kids Jolie Rae Caussin and Jace Joseph Caussin spent the day soaking up the sun at the beach. They even wore matching bathing suits and admitted to being "that family."

In the podcast, Caussin shared that he suffered some "relapses" during his time after treatment. He said that it "hasn't been perfect" but that he has "realized a lot of things" over the past few years.

"I finally felt like I was at a place to discuss it and own it. Nothing is guaranteed even though my year is next week. I live one day at a time," Caussin said on the episode.

Kramer replied, "I just want to say that I am proud of you for speaking your truth, that you didn't need to, you had came to me and said you think you were ready."

Caussin asserted on the podcast episode that his relapse did not involve cheating on his wife again and he wanted "to be clear" about that.

"It's something he should not have done that was in a circle that was very red, like bad, and could've been awful, and that was a massive relapse. Yes, it wasn't physical out of the marriage, but it was something where the action was," Kramer disclosed.

"We've been through some s--t," Caussin stated. "I'm finally to a place where I don't have an overwhelming amount of shame, where I'm able to acknowledge who I am, this is part of me, and I am comfortable with owning the fact that I am a sex addict."