Karamo Brown's Late Grandmother Comes Through to "Tie Up Loose Ends" on Hollywood Medium

The Queer Eye star sits down with Tyler Henry for a reading

By Alyssa Ray Apr 01, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Karamo Brown Comes to Fun Realization About Late Grandmother

Tying up loose ends.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the 23-year-old clairvoyant has a reading with Queer Eye star Karamo Brown. While the Netflix personality is the focus of the reading, it's clear that Tyler has an important message for Karamo's aunt.

Per the famed medium, he has connected to Brown's late grandmother Sybil, who wants to touch on her estrangement from her daughter.

"She's having me kind of talk about the family dynamics and there's a very distinct T name that's coming through," Tyler relays to Karamo. "And I cannot make a change. Like, as I've been holding onto this, they've been referencing to this person."

Specifically, Tyler says the spirit is talking about Karamo's mother's sister and how there was a lack of accessibility to her. Brown confirms Tyler's information by revealing that his aunt's name is Trudy.

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"When my grandmother was alive, she was closer to my mom and not to Trudy," Karamo further notes.

Apparently, the two women had a falling out over Trudy's marriage to her now ex-husband. "My grandmother Sybil and my aunt stopped talking when she got married to the man she was married to," the 38-year-old continues. "And it caused tension there between them. But, I just remember it being very much where there wasn't approval for the man that she married and then had her kids with—that she's no longer with."

Although Sybil disapproved of the man in life, Tyler claims she now knows in death that she poorly dealt with the situation. Furthermore, the spirit notes she's proud of Trudy for getting out of the relationship.

"She's coming back to try to tie up loose ends," Karamo reflects on the deceased matriarch. "Still trying to give someone else closure, help someone else. It's pretty special."

Watch the moving reading, which includes facts about Sybil's passing, for yourself in the clip above!