This Botched Patient's Last Doctor Gave Her Breast Implants...Without Her Consent!

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 27, 2019 8:39 PMTags
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What do breast implants and breast reductions have in common?

Not much. So the fact that Whitney's plastic surgeon subbed out one for the other while his patient was passed out on the OR table is about as mind-boggling as it is horrific. "I told him, 'I would like a reduction,' and I come out with these massive boobs," recalls the mother of two in this clip from tonight's Botched season finale. "The doctor had put breast implants in without my knowledge."

When Whitney woke up post-surgery, she was "shocked" to find that her chest was about the same size as before. "If not bigger," she adds. "Because [the implants] were so high."

The egregious surgical mix-up was unnerving from the start, for obvious reasons. But after Whitney noticed something off about her implants just a few months later, her frustrating plastic surgery experience quickly spiraled into a medical full-blown nightmare—one she hasn't really woken up from just yet. 

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The complications started cropping up about three months later.

"When I would turn to the side, I would notice that there was implant up here and breast tissue down here," she explains in the clip, gesturing toward her collarbone and rib cage, respectively. Sadly, when Whitney returned to the plastic surgeon's office hoping he'd be able to correct the issue, he fell wildly short of her expectations for a second—and third—time.

"He said, ‘Well, let me go back in and do another lift,'" she remembers. But when it was done, "The breasts were just uneven," the hopeful Botched patient continues. And after a third surgery, "My breasts looked the same."

Now, Whitney can't work out with her kids because her implants get in the way. "I'm just praying for a change," she tells the camera.

Think Dr. Terry Dubrow can make that happen for her? Hear more about Whitney's surgical story in the clip above!

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