Tyler Henry Assures Tamra Judge She'll Have "an Opportunity to Make Amends" With Her Estranged Daughter

The Hollywood Medium star promises the Real Housewives of Orange County celebrity that she'll make up with her daughter

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Fighting against the stigma.

On Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the famed clairvoyant found himself discussing mental health awareness during two celebrity readings. For starters, during a sit down with Real Housewives of Orange County stars Tamra and Eddie Judge, Tyler Henry connected with the 51-year-old's late grandmother who struggled with schizophrenia.

"There's this woman that's coming through connected to your mother," Tyler informed the California resident. "And she's like intense and adorable and lovely, but she's like the main reason why I'm here today."

Judge's mom Sandra Baker, who was watching the reading off camera, went on to confirm that the spirit was her late mother. Amid the reading, Tyler revealed that the late relative acknowledged that Sandra did a lot at a young age to care for herself and the family.

"My mother went away to an institution when I was 7," Sandra further relayed later. "So, I kind of stepped in to help take care of my dad and myself."

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Per Tamra, her late grandmother had schizophrenia and spent a lot of Sandra's childhood in a hospital. However, while growing up, Tamra "didn't know really any of that" as she had a very sweet relationship with her grandmother.

"Your grandmother didn't want all of what your mom had to deal with to affect her later on," Tyler continued. "She didn't want to hold your mom back in any capacity, that much I can tell."

According to the celebrated medium, Sandra's mother was grateful and proud over Baker "taking the reins."

"It wasn't my grandmother's choice, she was very sick," the Bravo celebrity expressed in a confessional. "So, to hear her say that to my mom, you're acknowledging that, 'You weren't there for me, you know? I pretty much raised myself.' That's nice that she acknowledged that and she was very thankful."

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This wasn't the only mother-daughter relationship that Tyler touched upon as the E! personality teased that Tamra may write a book about the estrangement with daughter Sidney Barney. While Tyler suggested that this book could be "a tool for healing," Judge was hesitant since she's still estranged from Barney.

"It's really hard for me because I want to be the voice, I want to help," Tamra relayed. "But I don't want her to get upset."

Thankfully, Tyler predicted that "there will be an opportunity to make amends."

Tyler found himself amid another poignant reading thanks to a sit down with Stephanie Beatriz. Although the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star never had the chance to meet her grandmother, she hoped Tyler would be able to give her some insight into what the late matriarch was like.

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To Beatriz's surprise, Tyler revealed that the two women had a lot in common when it came to mental health struggles.

"When I'm connecting to that side there's this feeling around her of depression and anxiety. And I feel like this is something that she very strongly would have dealt with," the medium said at first. "So, there's a pride for you basically taking these steps to be open about what you go through emotionally, mentally…and I feel like you'll have some kind of opportunities that allow you to kind of use your platform for that. And I think that awareness will make family very proud, even on the other side."

As Stephanie has been open about her struggles in the past, this admission clearly moved the TV actress. "Mental health isn't something you necessarily want to talk about. Mental health, addiction," she later told the Hollywood Medium camera. "But I feel comfortable sharing that I do struggle with these things."

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Beatriz was further moved when Tyler connected to her late uncle and accurately touched upon the deceased's battle with addiction. According to Tyler, the uncle didn't want to blame anybody since he knows that he pushed back help.

"He knows that people tried, there's an appreciation there," the E! personality stated. "This person's basically like, 'Thanks!' That's a big thing and he's very appreciative for the protectiveness around whatever this is."

Apparently, the deceased was diagnosed with AIDS prior to his untimely death. Thus, Stephanie's family kept the circumstances of his passing under wraps.

"Addiction is a monster and it's a really difficult monster to fight," Stephanie concluded. "So, for anyone out there that's dealing with a family member who's struggling with addiction, just know that it's really hard for your loved one to even hear the messages—but it doesn't mean that they're not important."

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