Cardi B Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Vloggers Claiming She Used Drugs While Pregnant

The 26-year-old rapper breaks her silence on the issue.

By Alyssa Morin Mar 26, 2019 12:40 AMTags

Cardi B is breaking her silence after reports surfaced she filed a defamation lawsuit against two vloggers who, she says, are "trying to tarnish" her name and "spread lies."

The "I Like It" rapper is suing Latasha Kebe and Starmarie Ebony Jones, according to court documents obtained by E! News. The lawsuit alleges both vloggers made "defamatory statements" about the Bronx-born artist.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, the 26-year-old Grammy winner spoke out on the issue.

"I didn't really wanted to entertain this but ya know me and gossipinthecity never got along for years, and we always go back and forth, but what wrong is wrong and I'm glad she put me up on this," Cardi began. "This person I'm suing is trying to tarnish my name and spread lies in other people blogs like gossipinthecity. spread all types of disgusting rumors about me and it has gotten worst [sic]."

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Continuing her statement, she said, "Stop trying to involve people in your disgusting goal on trying to dirty my name everything you accused me of doing and having will be proven with documents and test in court [sic]."

"By the way my father drives me and I NEVER NEVER had a assistant," the Invasion of Privacy rapper declared in her closing statement.

According to the lawsuit obtained by E! News, Latasha has "put out at least twenty-three videos" on the social media platform "unWinewithTashaK" about Cardi in the last 14 months.

"While Plaintiff was pregnant, on or around April 13, 2018, Kebe published a video where Kebe stated that as a result of Plaintiff's actions, Plaintiff's then-unborn child may have intellectual disabilities," the lawsuit states.

In addition to Kebe, Jones posted an Instagram Live video, where, according to the lawsuit, she made "false, malicious, and defamatory statements" about the 26-year-old rapper.

"In the Jones video, Jones made the false, malicious, and defamatory statement that '[Plaintiff] got herpes,'" according to the lawsuit documents.

In the same video, the lawsuit claims Jones also made the "defamatory statement" that Cardi "took molly and cocaine." Adding, "Specifically, she stated, 'the more molly pills she would be takin, the more cocaine she would be takin.'"

Furthermore, "Jones also falsely stated that Plaintiff was engaging in prostitution. Specifically, she stated, referring to Plaintiff, 'I guess they were supposed to have sex, exchange sex for money.'"

TMZ was the first to break this news.