Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Called Out by Her Daughter for Posting Selfie Without Permission

Goop businesswoman enjoys a snow-filled getaway with her daughter

By Mike Vulpo Mar 25, 2019 6:24 PMTags
Watch: Gwyneth Paltrow Embarrasses Apple With Unapproved Selfie

Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter is not impressed with mom's Instagram feed.

For so many moms across the country, posting adorable family photos on social media while on vacation is totally normal and acceptable behavior.

After all, kids grow up so freaking fast. You have to document the Kodak moments, right?

But while enjoying a snow-filled getaway with daughter Apple Martin this weekend, the Goop businesswoman decided to share a mother-daughter selfie that may not have received a "like" from one family member.

"Mom we have discussed this," Apple shared in the comments section of mom's post. "You may not post anything without my consent."

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Gwyneth replied, "@AppleMartin You can't even see your face!"


We're not picking sides in this one. After all, both parties bring valid points. But we can all agree that so many parents and children can relate to the innocent social media drama.

If it's any consolation, a whole lot of famous friends couldn't help but compliment the photo.

"Sweet XXX," fellow mom Jennifer Garner shared in the comments section. Elle Macpherson added, "That face."

As for Sara Foster, she told the mother-daughter duo that she was joining in on the fun when she arrives to the slopes tomorrow.

Ultimately, it's all love between Gwyneth and Apple. And while the famous mom may not be posting pictures with her daughter on the regular, it's clear that there's a whole lot of respect and admiration between the duo.

"Happy #nationaldaughtersday Apple Martin, it's like i conjured you from a dream, you make my life," Gwyneth previously shared on Instagram.