Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Have a Wild Girls' Night Out at a Gay Bar

The Grammy and Oscar-winning singer and Oscar-winning actress have been friends for several years.

By Corinne Heller Mar 23, 2019 2:53 PMTags

Hands up whoever wants to volunteer as tribute to be a third wheel on this. Everybody? OK.

Adele and BFF Jennifer Lawrence had themselves a wild and fun girls' night out on Friday. The 30-year-old Grammy and Oscar-winning singer and 28-year-old Oscar-winning actress hit up the gay bar Pieces in New York City, where they took part in some drinking games, hosted by drag performers.

"Jennifer, this isn't the Hunger Games!" joked one of them, Brita Filter.


Inside Adele and Jennifer Lawrence's Adorable Friendship

"I volunteer! I volunteer!" a patron shouted.

"If Jennifer wants to come and play, she's more than welcome," the performer said.


Adele joked that Jennifer is "f--king engaged," adding, "You're not even relevant to be here!"

The actress, who got engaged to Cooke Maroney earlier this year, retorted that her engagement has "nothing to do with my drinking abilities!"

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In an Instagram Story video, Brita says, "That time that I walked into my bar for my show and Jennifer Lawrence was sitting down, and she's like, 'We came to see your show.' And then Adele walks in and says, 'We heard that you were the best.' Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah!"

Instagram / Brita Filter

Brita posted several photos and videos of Adele and Jennifer at the bar, including one showing the actress playfully tackling the singer.

Instagram / Brita Filter

"That time Jennifer Lawrence tackled Adele for losing musical shots at @piecesbar!" read one of the captions.

Instagram / Brita Filter

Adele and Jennifer met at the 2013 Oscars, where the singer won an award for her song "Skyfall," from the soundtrack to the James Bond movie Skyfall, and the actress took home a statuette for her supporting role in Silver Linings Playbook.

The two have since remained friends and have been spotted out together occasionally.