And Taylor Swift thought she had bad blood.

After the debut of the HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, the best-selling book Bad Blood, and the hit podcast The Dropout, it's safe to say we're all obsessed with Elizabeth Holmes right now. It's almost hard not to be, after learning the details of the $1 billion downfall of her company Theranos, which was set to completely change the healthcare industry thanks to her groundbreaking technology. Alas, it was really too good to be true, as her blood-testing device never actually worked and she was charged with 11 counts of fraud.

But it wasn't just the scam of it all that has captured people's attention; it's Holmes herself, a woman so interesting and confusing that Jennifer Lawrence is set to play her in an upcoming film. (We predict another Oscar nomination, at the very least.)

She dropped out of college at 19. She was obsessed with Steve Jobs. She only wore black turtlenecks and drank green juices. She was secretly dating the president and COO of her company, who was almost two decades older than her. She had a way of convincing older, powerful men to believe and invest in her. And then there's the voice

But since the downfall of Theranos, which closed up shop for good in 2018 after once being valued at almost $10 billion, Holmes, who was once a main fixture on magazine covers and TV shows being touted as the next Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, the 35-year-old has virtually become a ghost. 

So what is Holmes up to today? And what about the rest of the Theranos team, including the whistleblowers and her mentor? 

Here's what we were able to find...

Elizabeth Holmes

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Elizabeth Holmes, Sunny Balwani

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Tyler Schulz, 20/20 Special

Erika, 20/20 Special

Ana Arriola, 20/20 Special

Trio of Software Engineers, 20/20 Special

Avie Tevanian, 20/20 Special

Dr. Phyllis Gardner, 20/20 Special

Channing, 20/20 Special

Michael Craig, 20/20 Special

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