These Veep Bloopers With Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tony Hale Will Make You Crack Up

The HBO comedy returns for its final season on March 31

By Chris Harnick Mar 22, 2019 1:59 PMTags

Julia Louis-Dreyfus came to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon with gifts. The Veep star showed up to promote the seventh and final season of her HBO comedy with a blooper featuring her and costar Tony Hale.

"He's so much fun to work with—I mean, he's impossible to work with because he's so funny and the two of us, we've known each other a really long time, so we are constantly losing our s—t on the show, laughing. I think we enjoy the material more than the audience…We had one scene in particular," Louis-Dreyfus told host Jimmy Fallon.

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The scene in question featured Louis-Dreyfus' character Selina Meyers and Hale's, Gary, on a tiny bed with Selina presenting a meal (of "literally rancid" food) she had made for the ailing Gary. See the two try to get through the scene below.

Veep begins its final season on Sunday, March 31 on HBO.

"We were all a wreck. We've been doing this show for many, many years. We're a close-knit group of people," Louis-Dreyfus said about the rehearsal for the final episode. She got to the table read and saw Timothy Simons, Jonah Ryan on the series, bawling his eyes out before they even started reading the episode.

"That was it, I was done," Louis-Dreyfus said. "It was intense, but it was wonderful. It was a real celebration."

Hear more from Louis-Dreyfus above.