Kaley Cuoco Hates to Say It, But The Big Bang Theory Is Going Out With a Bang

Cuoco opens up about the hot-ticket items from the set and how the final episode will be filmed.

By Lauren Piester Mar 21, 2019 9:45 PMTags
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The Big Bang Theory is about to say goodbye, and everyone involved knows that shooting that final episode won't be easy.

Kaley Cuoco sat down with E! News and E!'s Daily Pop to promote her new Youtube series The Great Travel Hack, which she hosts for Shell, and talked a bit about the show's ending. 

"I'm glad we're going out with a bang. I hate saying that, but it's kinda true," she tells us. "We wanted to go out on top." 

The final episode, because it's the final episode, will be shot a little differently than typical episodes, which are mostly shot in front of a live studio audience. 

"We're actually going to pre-shoot the whole thing, so we'll have shot it, and then we will have an audience taping," she said on Daily Pop. "That was probably because they knew I'd be crying the entire time. So we still want the audience experience...so we're gonna still do the audience, but we will have taped it and shot it beforehand, so if the tears come unexpectedly, then that's just what's going to happen, because I guarantee you it's going to happen." 

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Cuoco says she hopes to take home the two robot pictures that have been hanging in the main living room, and jokes that she tried to take home the couch, but "they were not happy." 

"It is do or die if you can get something off that set. There are riots," she says. 

The big ticket item is apparently the Batman cookie jar. 

"I think that might be going to the Smithsonian; I'm not making that up," she says, going on to explain that while everyone has been going for art, books, and the desk, she's got one other thing in mind. "I want the alcohol in the fridge, because who's gonna drink that?" 

Cuoco's first big non-Big Bang project is The Great Travel Hack, which is a game show she's hosting on Shell's Youtube channel. 

"It is a competition show with a great message. I've been so proud to be part of it," she told Daily Pop. "We take two teams on this awesome road trip from LA to New York and the winners are basically whoever uses the least amount of CO2 emissions." 

Contestants use whatever modes of transportation they can—horses, boats, bikes, skateboards, electric vehicles, whatever—to get across the country. 

You can see the first episode below!

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The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on Thursday, April 4. 

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