Chris Hemsworth Camping Shirtless and Playing With a Baby Kangaroo Will Make Your Day

He and wife Elsa Pataky vacationed in Western Australia with their three kids.

By Corinne Heller Mar 21, 2019 4:23 PMTags
Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky, CampingInstagram / Elsa Pataky

If this isn't the best advertisement for Australian tourism then we don't know what is...

Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky recently went on a camping trip with their daughter India Rose, 6, and 5-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha, in the western part of the Thor actor's native Australia. The actor, who hails from the southeastern city of Melbourne, appears shirtless and showcases his ripped torso in many videos Pataky posted on her Instagram Story on Thursday.

The family stayed near the ocean in a tent, which had a working kitchen sink, where Hemsworth did the dishes—shirtless of course. It also had a makeshift shower, put together by none other than the actor himself.

The family got to try new things; Hemsworth and his wife tasted raw sea urchin, which Hemsworth was not a fan of.

The actor also got to pet an adorable baby kangaroo, or joey.

Chris Hemsworth's Best Shirtless Moments

Check out images from Hemsworth and Pataky's family vacation.

Dish Duty

In March 2019, the actor and wife Elsa Pataky and their three kids went camping in Western Australia, where the actor was given an important task.

Good Job


Ar Ar Ar

The actor puts together the shower.

Yes This Is a Real Screenshot

...shirtless, obviously.

Sampling the Delicacies of the Sea

..unfortunately not shirtless.

Meeting a Kangaroo Friend


"We feel so lucky to have been able to go on an incredible trip to WA (Western Australia) a beautiful place with amazing people," Pataky wrote on Instagram. "We slept in tents, had little water, and no phone signal or wifi. We were able to connect with our kids, partners and friends in deeper, different ways. Without the stress of routine, without agendas, plans or luxuries. Just beaches, shells, surf and games around the camp fire. I feel very fortunate."