Has Lacey Chabert Ever Been a "Mean Girl" to Another Parent? Watch Her Hilarious Kid Confessions on Mom2Mom!

The Mean Girls star plays a hilarious game of "Never Has Mommy Ever" with Carissa Culiner

By Brett Malec Mar 22, 2019 3:05 PMTags

Lacey Chabert is spilling some serious "mom truths" and we think that's "so fetch!"

The Mean Girls star recently sat down with Carissa Culiner for a brand new episode of E!'s YouTube series Mom2Mom. In addition to dishing on her adorable two-and-a-half year-old daughter Julia (she's "fun and sassy and so sweet!"), the Hallmark channel actress played a hilarious—and boozy—game of "Never Has Mommy Ever" (you have to take a sip of rosé if you've done the thing on each card).

"Never has mommy ever gone all mean girl on another mom for something they said," Carissa says for the first round as Lacey takes a gulp of wine. "Women be bitches sometimes!" Carissa jokes.

While Lacey says she has a great group of mom friends, she also admits, "I have found in the community of motherhood, there are also some incredibly, maybe the most judgmental people I have meant in my life. Like, 'I can't believe you do that!'"

Has Gretchen Wieners' real-life alter-ego ever pretended to be asleep so her husband would attend to Julia? "Like more time than I can count," she laughs and drinks. "Like maybe yesterday."

Has Lacey ever had an emotional breakdown over something mommy-related? Used her daughter to get out of plans? Lied to her daughter about a toy being lost or broken because it's so annoying?

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