Stranger Things Trailer Decoded: What We Learned About Season 3

From missing lifeguards to new threats, breaking down that intense new tease

By Chris Harnick Mar 20, 2019 6:10 PMTags
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Looks like we're in for a crazy summer.

Netflix debuted the first trailer for Stranger Things season three—and several new official images—that is sure to make you wish for summer even more now. The third season takes place in the summer of 1985 and there's a lot happening in Hawkins. New threats, both human and, uh, monstrous, new friendships and so many new locations to explore. There's a lot packed in the less than 3 minute trailer, so much that you probably missed a few key moments. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Stranger Things Season 3: Summer Comes to Hawkins

Below, watch the trailer again. And then come along with us as we decode some key moments from the new preview.

The Lifeguard

We've known a lifeguard goes missing, prompting an investigation. Well, here she is. Seems like the action of the season takes place at the pool, the mall and the hospital.

New Jobs?

The scene right before this one established The Hawkins Post, the town's paper. Are they here for jobs? For an interview?


Jake Busey, Bruce, is a journalist for The Hawkins Post. He has questionable morals and a sick sense of humor, according to Netflix.

They've Got the Look

This is a far cry from that old pink dress and blonde wig.

Let's Go to the Mall

Starcourt Mall is a big new addition to the Hawkins community. How much longer will it stay standing though? Looks like lots of action goes down there.


Steve (Joe Keery) has seen better days. Who's torturing him? And why?

Not Fun and Games

This guy appears a number of times with a few different guns. Looks like this is at the big fair seen in the trailer.


Electricity seems to be a factor in the new season. Good luck to whoever this is.

Look to the Skies

A number of shots in the trailer feature threats from above. Is the Upside Down now above? Or is it a new threat altogether, like...aliens?

A Crooked Mayor

Cary Elwes joins the cast as the mayor of Hawkins who is mostly looking out for himself.

Unhappy Hawkins

Signs call for the recall of the mayor and protection of downtown. Could it have to do with the mall? Or the big fair that's seen?


Eleven's affinity for Eggos is well known, but here it looks like the freezer section is helping her use her powers. Eleven is wearing this outfit in a number of action-packed scenes in the trailer.

Erica to the Rescue

Netflix let it slip early on that we'd be seeing more Erica (Priah Ferguson) on a mission of her own to save Hawkins. Looks like she's in deep here.

This Guy

Many of the action scenes seem to take place in a hospital. And there's this guy, the big monster.

The new season of Stranger Things premieres July 4 on Netflix.