Almost a Year After Losing Her Husband, Jill Zarin Gets Closure From Tyler Henry

Plus, the clairvoyant met up with two other East Coast residents this week!

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 22, 2019 1:00 AMTags
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Tyler Henry is more of a bi-coastal medium these days.

This week's Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry followed the 23-year-old clairvoyant all the way to the tri-state area. Shortly after touching down in the Big Apple, Tyler stopped by Jill Zarin's Upper East Side apartment, where the Real Housewives of New York City alum lived with her late husband Bobby Zarin—who passed away nine months earlier following an extended battle with cancer—for almost 18 years.

"He's having me talk about the last two years of his life," explained Tyler once he and Bobby had successfully made contact. Continuing, he told Jill: "He didn't want to in any way feel like he was holding you back. And then he's like, 'Well, this is our new normal. And I don't want this to have to be our new normal forever.'"

The latter part of Tyler's message sounded especially familiar to his client, probably because she more or less said it herself while her husband was still alive. "I said to him, 'This'll be our new normal. We'll be okay. So, you not being able to walk or whatever, that's our new normal,'" she remembered. "I actually said the words 'This is our new normal.'"

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Watching her session from the other room, Jill's daughter Allyson and sister Lisa shared a knowing smile. But as the reading went on, the focus of Bobby's message shifted from past concerns to present ones.

"He wanted you to be able to have this next chapter in your life after he passed," Tyler told her, assuring Jill that her late partner still doesn't want her to be alone, especially in his absence. "He wanted you, after he passed, to make sure that you were with somebody because he needed to make sure that someone had your back and was looking out for you," he finished.  

Jill had been wondering about that for quite some time and hoped it might come up during her Hollywood Medium reading. Why? "I'm dating and I have somebody in my life and I'm very happy," she told Tyler, adding that she'd been wanting to know "if Bobby's OK with it" and felt like she finally got her answer.

"There's no question Bobby was here," said the former Housewives star after their session had ended. "And that he wants me to be happy."

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The next stop on Tyler's East Coast tour took him almost a hundred miles south to Seaside Heights. His old friend Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi facilitated the rendezvous, courtesy of a white stretch limo that picked them up outside her store in north Jersey. But it wasn't Snooki who ended up getting a reading from Tyler. (Not this time, anyway.)

When their limo eventually pulled up to the original Jersey Shore house, it was actually Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino who invited them in. Fans of the popular MTV reality series know Mike and Snooki—both veteran Jersey Shore cast members—have a lot of history there. 

But in the present, Mike had received an 8-month prison sentence not long before his Hollywood Medium taping and admitted things had been "very hard." So, after sharing some hopeful foresight about what's ahead with the former reality star, Tyler's reading became less about Mike himself and more his extended family. "There's a situation involving someone basically just dropping dead. Like, a situation where someone has no real insight into the fact that they're gonna die," Tyler relayed, gripping a set of rosary beads that had been laid out on the counter top.

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"My brother's rosary beads," whispered Mike's fiancée Lauren Pesce, who was watching with her mom and Snooki in the other room.

"Stop it!" Snooki exclaimed.

"They're having me talk about a response time, how fast one would help someone," Tyler continued, noting an obvious lack of familiarity accompanying that feeling, like those who supported this person during their final moments weren't loved ones. Instead, "It's strangers they're referencing to. But there's a feeling of like, 'I don't know these people well enough for me to trust them to help me.'"

"Yes. Yes. Exactly," Mike nodded, explaining that his fiancée's brother was staying in a halfway house when he passed away. Before finishing up, the clairvoyant said he didn't "feel like anything could have been done differently" and that Lauren's late brother "does acknowledge being at peace and being OK," which—of course—meant a lot to Mike's fiancé.

"It definitely was, I think, reassuring to my mom that you had brought that up, that it was his time no matter what," Lauren told Tyler. "If it's someone's time, it's someone's time."

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