•  Meshugene Men may not have the deliciousness of Jon Hamm and January Jones, but the Amy Sedaris and friends spoof is Madly funny!

•  Pete Wentz is convinced someone is going to murder him. Does anyone care enough to try to kill him?

•  When Rosario Dawson got in trouble as a kid, her mother would give her a good lickin'.

•  Fred Durst explains Limp Bizkit's reunion, and they're not doing it all for the nookie (or so he says).

•  Is Mischa Barton moving out of The O.C. and into Melrose Place?

•  Dear Ryan Gosling: Wow. Thanks for getting all gussied up for lunch. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

The ladies in Big Pic aren't looking too shabby themselves!

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