Heeeere's Jimmy!

With the help of Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake, Van Morrison and a Conan O'Brien cameo, Jimmy Fallon christened his new post as host of NBC's Late Night.

"A smart man would leave now," Fallon opened tonight after walking out to his first taste of the requisitely enthusiastic studio-audience applause.

In the course of an hour, Fallon charmed, amused, showed that the Roots may be the hippest house band ever (slow-jamming the news, ha!), and got audience members to lick a lawn mower, a computer printer and a goldfish bowl.

De Niro had a bit of a "what am am I doing here" look about him, but then Timberlake made up for it with his SNL-insider, looks-comfortable-doing-everything vibe. (And a John Mayer mockfest never hurts.)

"1st show done. I was a bit nervous. But overall really happy. Phew!" Fallon Twittered after the fact.

Whether the Fever Pitch star has staying power remains to be seen, but at least his talent booker is first class—Tina Fey is on tap for Tuesday.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Premieres
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