Jonas Brothers

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Are the Jonas Brothers just not that into their 'rents privacy? Now the J-dudes may not have reaped movie glory this past weekend, but we don't feel too sorry for them—money is the last thing these young'uns need to fret about in this crap economy, and same goes for their parents. Right? Hmmm.

The boys purchased a posh, very expensive home in the gated Vaquero community in the upscale Westlake area of Texas this past summer for their mom and dad to live in. Too cute that these kids are looking out for those who spawned them. Only thing is, these three kiddies wouldn't be caught dead living there full-time.

Here's why:

"Everyone knows where the Jonas house is, and anyone could get in there if they wanted to," blabbed a rich resident in the fab hood. "They have one of the few houses that isn't gated within the gated community," bitched a big-haired Texan resident of Vaquero. "You can see right in their windows if you want. Let's just say more and more people are walking their dog by that house," our upscale snitch added.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin are reportedly due there momentarily (if they haven't already jetted in) 'cause neighbors saw swarms of black SUVs all over. People know when the JoBros touch down in one of the two airfields nearby because the Tudor-style house is right on the street and so "out in the open" that residents can't help but know the hairy honeys' every move. Other mansions—like the Mediterranean job right next door to the Jonases—are set back behind gates and far larger lots.

Don't get us wrong, it's too cute that these guys are giving back to their parents. But be careful boys, if your stalkers, er, "fans," get past that first gate, you and your parents are free game—and it's so going to happen.

Already has, actually! Nothin' serious, though, just Texas looky-loos. Not like those bone-busting, deranged idiots—both paparazzi and fans—in Malibu, mind you.

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