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Oh, CW. You cruel, cruel network! Not only have we gone a good month without such a peep from the lovely voice of Kristen Bell regarding the latest 411 on our favorite Upper East Siders, we still have two more weeks to go before the next new episode of Gossip Girl.

Thankfully, though, to scratch you G.G. fans' itch, I have the answer to the No. 1 question you've been asking: Is there any hope for Dan and Serena? Plus, the latest on Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg).

Also, who wants to know which Lost character will be undergoing a radical change in tone this season?

Or what about the upcoming One Tree Hill wedding?

Or Amy Ryan returning to The Office?

No? None of that sounds appealing? Well, read on for this week's roundup of exclusive TV scoop anyway...

Sharan in Birmingham, U.K.: Just watched ER season 15, ep five. Is Shane West returning again? Or was that it? Please help, I have to know.

His rep and the network both confirm that he's due back for at least one more ep this season. There's hope yet for a Ray-Neela reunion.

Karla in Janesville, Wis.: TV Guide says Gale Harold is not coming back to Desperate Housewives this season. Is it true?
A studio rep tells me the reports from TV Guide are wrong. The producers stick by this recently released statement: "We are working on bringing him back to the show. We just don't know when. Because we had to work around his absence, the story doesn't require him immediately. But we would like to have him back on the show very soon." Hit the comments with your pleas to get him back on Wisteria Lane.

Gossip Girl, Michelle Trachtenberg

Patrick Harbron/The CW

Emily in Napa, Calif.: Any hopes of seeing Michelle Trachtenberg on Joss Whedon's Dollhouse?
Don't look for little Dawn to be back in the Jossverse any time soon. Michelle just told me that while she's happy for her former boss, she's not too familiar with his new show. "I haven't even seen it. I haven't heard much about it except it's premiered and congratulations for that!" Don't be too disappointed, though. Her lack of knowledge on all things Dollhouse is simply because she's too busy playing the evil Georgina Sparks again. "I'm most excited to be back on Gossip Girl. It has wonderful people, and it's really nice just having my first day back, hearing 'Welcome back.' "

Tim: Kristin, can you ask Lost's Fionnula Flanagan if Brotherhood will be back? I know it's not very popular, but it is a good show. Thanks!
According to Fionnula, who plays Providence mob matriarch Rose Caffee on the Showtime drama, "We're on hiatus, and we're waiting to hear what Showtime's pleasure is about that. It will all have to be balanced with what else Showtime has on its roster for this next year. Usually the shooting season was the summer, so I should imagine that we'll know soon."

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Watchmen

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Chris in Seattle: I can't wait to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Watchmen! Will Grey's fans like his character?
Actually, no. Jeffrey says that the Grey's fans will be shocked by his Watchman character, Comedian. He's very unsavory! On coming back to Grey's, Morgan says, "I really don't know. They keep me out of the loop because I'm a talker. They're real careful not to tell me anything. When I was lucky enough to go back there, it was just a thrill to go back."

Alexandra in Burlington, Vt.: America's Next Top Model is back this week! What are the girls like this season?
These potential models are insanely gorgeous—or maybe just a little insane? I kid! While there are some of the usual crazies, there are noticeably more standouts in ANTM's 12th cycle (yes, this is the 12th season!). Based on the premiere, the 6'1 and stunning Aminat and breath of fresh air Celia are definitely frontrunners. I know it's still early, but these two not only get the most screen time, they seem to have those natural, model-esque qualities. Also, I'm thinking we should keep an eye on Jessica Stroup look-alike, London. She's a model on a mission—literally!    

Diandra in Napa, Calif.: Any other scoop on ANTM?
This cycle takes place in Las Vegas, and instead of first narrowing the girls down to 20, Tyra makes it 21 in honor of Top Model's new hometown.

Dayra in Duluth, Ga.: In the Motherhood looks so funny! Any scoop?
Not much yet, but when we teased Megan Mullally about staring in a show about motherhood when she isn't a mother herself, she turned to her post-Oscar date for a quick comeback. "She's my coach," Megan said, pointing at her close pal and funnylady, Molly Shannon. You never know, maybe Molly will take a break from her snazzy wardrobe at Kath & Kim and stop by the suburbs on In the Motherhood!

Parks and Recreation Water Bottle

Pamela in Hollywood, Calif.: Have you heard anything new on Amy Poehler's show Parks and Recreation?
Besides reading the pilot script, which was amazing, I've officially become a Parks and Recreation member myself thanks to my sweet new water bottle.

Sam in Del Mar, Calif.: Any scoop on How I Met Your Mother?
We gave you the first look at Laura Prepon on the set of How I Met Your Mother, but now you can get your second look here thanks to TVfanatic!

Henry in Scranton, Pa.: Will Jay Harrington return to Private Practice?
On his short stint as an Addison (Kate Walsh) love interest, Jay Harrington says his character "could come back." He'd also love to see another crossover (besides the sub-par Grey's Anatomy one) with Private Practice. "I think within the network it would be fun to see Taye Diggs' character on [Better Off Ted] or me on Ugly Betty," he adds.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Penn Badgley, Blake Lively

Eric Liebowitz/ The CW

Drew in Boston: Hey, I'm dying without my Gossip Girl fix! Please, is there any hope for Serena and Dan now that they have a half-dead-sibling? Anything else you can spill?
Correction: They have a half sibling who is fully alive and whom we will see on the show! And because of that and more, I'm told by a source: "Serena and Dan are really over." Done. Kaput. No hope for them this season. Sorry! Anyone need a hug? Join me in the comments. As for the rest of the season, Serena will be cozying up big time to her new boy-toy (played by Armie Hammer) and a source tells me: "The last few episodes of the season are chock-full of some of the biggest OMFG moments of the series." I think I just tinkled a little. Why do I love this show so? Darn you, Josh Schwartz and your TV crack!

Marshall in New Hampshire: On Lost, any scoop on Sawyer in the 1970s?
I'm hearing that he and Jin will be in that fabulously groovy decade for three whole years and that...wait for it...Jin might speak far better English now! Hooray for more Daniel Dae Kim screen time and multisyllabic words!

Isaiah in Little Rock, Ark.: On Lost, are we ever going to see Richard Alpert in a scene with Mrs. Hawking? I feel like those two are Island gods who must know each other.
When we recently spoke to Fionnula Flanagan, she told us that she hasn't had any scenes yet with Nestor Carbonell, but, "Perhaps I have in some previous existence, or in some previous materialization of Mrs. Hawking, but it hasn't come to light yet." You'll note that doesn't rule out encounters between young Ellie (if that is Mrs. Hawking in an earlier life) and Richard Alpert in the past.

Jenna in Irvine, Calif.: Heroes?
Claire saves Aquaboy tonight, but just as soon as she's done with that gig, she gets a new assignment from Rebel: Saving that creepy Puppetmaster dude who tried to kill her and her two moms! Meanwhile, Claire's Uncle Peter is branded a terrorist by the federal government. The only person who can save him? His high-flying brother Nathan. Oh yeah, and Sylar finds out what really happened to his mother, and he doesn't love what he discovers.

Walker in Pittsburgh: Is Holly Flax ever coming back to The Office?
You mean you didn't hear my squeals of joy last week when Mindy Kaling (Kelly) stopped by the OfficeTally chat room and finally confirmed that more Amy Ryan is on its way! "Amy's coming back [for] at least one this season!" Does that mean next season is an option too? And if any of you think Pam was lying when she told Michael that Holly still has feelings for him, Mindy wants to ease your minds. "I do not believe that our intention was to say that Pam was lying. I think it would be too cruel, ultimately." Anyone else just breathe a huge sigh of relief?

Hilarie Burton, Chad Michael Murray, One Tree Hill

Fred Norris/The CW

Martin in New York: One Tree Hill! Will we get a wedding?
Lucas and Peyton's wedding will happen this season. However, how it will end is a whole other story. (Here's hoping he doesn't say the name Rachel.) Also, get ready to see the softer (but still bitchy!) side of Victoria.

Heidi in Bristol, Conn.: I can't wait for Georgina to come back to Gossip Girl! Any chance we'll see more of her next season, too?
I'm just as excited as you are, especially after all of the goodies we just revealed about Georgina's return!
Michelle Trachtenberg (Georgina) tells us nothing has been decided just yet about her Gossip Girl fate, but her answer did have us leaning toward a yes! "A character like Georgina is so fantastic, and there are so many elements that are exciting and untapped, so you never know." And while she has nothing planned, Michelle went on to say that she would definitely be open to a full-time TV gig, whether it's G.G. or something new. "I think the wonderful thing about doing TV shows is that you get a few months out of the year to do films as well, so you get the best out of every world." Did you hear that Josh Schwartz? Start working on another masterpiece for this girl!

Morgan in Seattle: I've heard rumors that Parminder Nagra is leaving ER before the series finale. Please tell me this isn't true!
We heard the same thing, but sources close to the show tell me that while her last "big episode" called "Shifting Equilibrium," airs March 19, Neela does appear in the remaining episodes of ER, which I'm guessing means they won't leave her out of the April 2 series finale.

Mario in Chicago: Blah blah blah Grey's Anatomy, Heroes and Lost. Can you mix it up a little with some dish other shows—like maybe the undersung CBS comedies?
Rules of Engagement
returns tonight, and Megyn Price and Patrick Warburton continue to be laugh-out-loud hilarious, which means that two out of five lead characters of this comedy are actually funny! Thankfully, Megyn and Patrick get some giggle-worthy backup next week when Aliens in America's Adhir Kalyan makes his first appearance as Russell's (David Spade) much put-upon new assistant. Adhir's line reading of "Bond. James Bond…" alone is with the price of admission.

Rob Lowe

Michael Papo/

Heather in Pasadena, Calif.: After last night's emotional episode of Brothers & Sisters, please tell me there's some good news coming for the Walker clan!
There's some good news and some bad news on Brothers & Sisters. Good news: Robert is still alive. Bad news: He probably won't be married much longer. Good news: The illegitimate Walker children (Ryan and Rebecca) are bonding! Bad news: There are sparks flying. Good news: Justin supports Rebecca through the whole Holly-Tommy debacle. Bad news: Justin and Rebecca are splitsville by the end of Sunday's ep. Or is that good news?

Callie in Erie, Pa.: Got any goodies on The Office?
I think Dwight might be getting a mini-me. Producers are looking for a new coworker who is described as annoying, arrogant, bossy, yelly, probably not good-looking and definitely not well-dressed. I wonder if he wears any mustard-colored shirts?

Marissa in Mountain View, Calif.: Any news on Entourage?
E and Sloan will still be entangled early in season six, but look for a good-looking guy who has Sloan's attention to attract E's ire. (Lucky for E, the guy will turn out to be Sloan's cousin.)

Yvonne Strahovski

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Alice in Whitby, Ontario, Canada: Hi, Kristin, I'll send you some maple syrup if you'll give some info on Chuck and Sarah—are they done for good? Is there any hope in the near (before end of season) future for them?
Mmmm...syrup! I wish I could tell you that, but in tonight's episode Chuck (Zachary Levi) dumps Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) for real. Ruh-roh.

Lisa in Detroit: Is it true that Carla dies in the Burn Notice finale?
Let's see—what can I actually tell you about the finale? Your heart will hurt a little when a product-placement deal requires Michael Weston to use OnStar, but if it keeps this excellent show running (à la 30 Rock and Verizon or Gossip Girl and godforsaken Vitamin Water) I suppose we'll just have to suffer. In other news, Fiona Glennanne slaps someone, kisses someone and kills someone. Care to guess with whom she does what? (Post in the comments.) Also, John Mahoney (the dad from Frasier) pops by with an offer that Michael can't refuse...or can he?

Mark in New York, N.Y.: Anything Prison Break please!
Sources tell me there's another prison break, and you'll be surprised at who helps the big escape...T-Bag! Did I mention that Gretchen is also in the slammer? 

Brad in Oahu, Hawaii: Thanks for your interview with Malcolm David Kelley. Will he be back on Lost anytime soon?
No official word yet, but he'll be guest starring on Saving Grace later this season. Kelley tells me of his character, "My name was Benjamin, and my dad was on death row. I was friends with Holly Hunter's nephew on the show." BTW, was anyone else floored at how freaking old MDK looks now? Our wittle Walty is all growed up!

Kiefer Sutherland, 24

Kelsey McNeal / Fox

Ferlay in Los Angeles: Kristin, got any scoop on 24?
How about some scoop on Jack's daughter? Regarding Elisha Cuthbert's return to 24, executive producer Howard Gordon says, "Without really giving a spoiler [Editor's note: Booooo...], I will tell you she's not in any danger. Jack is in a situation that requires something that only she can provide. I hate to be as oblique as that, but that's the best I can say about it without spoiling." Actually, that's just dandy with me. Thanks, Howard!

Jeremy in Mendocino, Calif.: What's coming up on 24 tonight?
Even though Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and the president hit the lockdown room before General Juma and his men can get to them, Madam president is definitely not safe by any means. Also, I may have I said Dubaku was in the hospital, but that doesn't mean he's alive!

Simone in St. Louis: Any dish on the undersung Medium?
Just that the family might be moving out of Phoenix! Joe's getting a job offer later this season that would mean a move to San Diego. What do you guys think—could you stand it so long as the family stayed together?

Marianne in Colorado Springs, Colo.: Got any Bones info?
We'll be meeting Bones' Japanese she-male doppelgänger. (For reals.) Look for a character named Asa Tanaka who is Japan's leading forensic anthropologist but whose gender is indistinguishable, which confuses the Jeffersonian team when they join forces with Asa to solve the murder of a Japanese national. P.S. Got Q's for Bones bosses Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan? Email, and we'll try to get you answers!

Mirelle Enos, Big Love

Lacey Terrell/HBO

Erica in El Paso, Texas: Big Love is so good. I can't believe they killed Kathy, and now I'm desperate to know who else is on the chopping block!
I know! I emailed Big Love boss Will Scheffer after last night's crackerjack outing and demanded that we get our vengeance for Roman's abuse of poor Kathy, and Will replied, "Oh, you'll get it somehow." As for the other death, am I the only one who didn't notice until last week that Sarah's promo posters have the caption "Dying to get out"? Seems like a clue to me!

Rebecca T.: Do you have any idea when TBS' My Boys will return? Any spoilers?
My Boys
premieres March 31 (hurrah!), and in an upcoming ep P.J. gets jealous when Stephanie becomes a BFF with another girl. But wait, what's that? You want scoop on Bobby or Brendan instead? Then you better email your Q's to because I'm going to the My Boys launch party and will gladly try to get you answers.

Wallace in Orlando, Fla.: How about some 90210?
With love from our hot and sunny zip code to yours: Naomi's sister Jen is coming to town, and if you thought Naomi was manipulative and a schemer, just wait till you meet big sis! Also, Adrianna and Navid's bachelor and bachelorette parties put things into perspective for both characters, including a possible gateway back into drugs for pregnant Adrianna, which would elicit a sternly worded letter from yours truly to that little trollop.

K.B. in Seattle: Hi, Kristin. It looks like there are a lot of great shows premiering in March and April. Can you please give us a list of which shows premiere when?
Keep an eye out later this week for our midseason preview on all the new shows you should (or shouldn't) be watching.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin, Natalie Abrams & Megan Masters

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