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Watch out, Tina Fey, you seemingly untouchable media goddess, hunk Jon Hamm's kissing and telling about you! See, Mad Men's handsome man muffin, whom you've stolen for your own selfish TV French-kissing needs on 30 Rock, was a celebrity player at the Commerce Casino for the World Poker Tournament this weekend.

And the loose-lipped star took a big risk talking to us about sex-related stuff. I mean, thank heaven the boob tube's got another alpha hunk to drool over. Sorry, Clooney, you've been off the small screen a longass time; you've got some competition with the delicious, chatty, Hamm.

Here's what he dished:

Are you a good gambler?
I've sat in at enough tables to where I'm at least comfortable. My patience in these big events tends to get the best of me, and I make decisions I probably shouldn't.

Do you gamble in your personal life?
I don't take chances with things like my health, but I do.

We already know Tina Fey's a great writer and actor—what's she like as a smoocher?
Ha! [visibly startled, God knows why] She's a lovely lady and a very nice woman and an incredible talent. It was really fun to do all the scenes with her, not just the kissing scenes.

Guess you liked, huh? You're def gambling your serious man status by appearing on 30 Rock. Is it fun to let your hair down on the silly sitcom? Literally and figuratively?
I haven't gotten a haircut since we wrapped Mad Men! That's why it's pretty shaggy right now. Rest assured in a few weeks it will be high and tight again in slicked-back mode.

How many 1960s style bras have you received in the mail from female fans?
[Laughing] None. Don't give anybody the wrong idea! I think my girlfriend might take that the wrong way. That hasn't happened. Yet.

Hope your GF's not the jealous type, Jonny. Better get ready for an influx of fan mail from every Fey-like sexy librarian out there. And others, too, ‘course.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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