Kiefer Sutherland, Annie Wersching, 24

Kelsey McNeal/FOX

Who is the greenest of them all? How about 24?

Following through on a promise made two years ago, the Emmy-winning Fox series has become the first carbon-neutral production in TV history.

The network plans to launch a public-service campaign during tonight's two-hour special featuring series star Kiefer Sutherland singing the praises of 24's greener pastures and asking viewers to follow the show's lead to help combat global warming.

"This is a passion project for us at 24, and we're amazed by how much we were able to achieve this past season in terms of conserving energy and reducing carbon emissions," said show runner Howard Gordon. "But now the really important work begins, which is to inspire our audience to make changes in their own lives."

The season-seven experiment that began in the fall of 2007 has paid off tenfold, say producers. The show cut its carbon footprint by a staggering 43 percent, and in areas where it could not, producers bought carbon offsets.

According to Fox, producers made on-set upgrades such as swapping out incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent lighting and turning off all electrical equipment when not in use.

The production also used biodiesel to power generators and production vehicles; used renewable power resources (wind, hydroelectric and solar) when purchasing electricity; incorporated fuel-efficient and low-emission hybrid vehicles into the production fleet, which saved 1,300 gallons of gas; and distributed all its scripts, schedules and other memos electronically.

The PSAs, which also feature cast members Cherry Jones, Carlos Bernard and Mary Lynn Rajskub, will run on TV and online.

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