Watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson Find Out He Was "The Favorite" Grandchild on Hollywood Medium

The Modern Family actor gets the feeling maybe Grandma liked him best. Tyler Henry would have to agree.

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 12, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Learns He Is His Late Grandmother's Favorite

Who says grandmas can't pick favorites?

In this clip from Thursday's new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Jesse Tyler Ferguson receives a very special message from his late grandmother. (The actor's sister and brother were probably glad they sat this one out.)

"I have this woman coming through and she's identifying herself as a mother figure on dad's side. And she's coming through and acknowledging kind of being a mother figure to multiple people," says Tyler Henry at the beginning of his sit-down with the Modern Family actor. He explains that the spiritual acknowledgement usually means he's connecting with a beloved grandmother, someone who "lived long enough to have a maternal relationship with grand kids."

This particular grandma probably had three grandchildren, Tyler goes on to tell Jesse. "They're having me talk about two boys, one girl," says the clairvoyant. "They're kind of separating this in my mind and they're circling one of the boys. It keeps coming through and they're like, 'That's the one I need to talk about.'"

Tyler Henry's Celebrity Clients

"The one" appears to be Jesse, who tells Tyler that he grew up the oldest of three siblings—two boys, one girl—and that he actually got his name from Grandma. And, according to the Hollywood medium, that's far from the only bond they share.

"The feeling that I have to acknowledge this is, ‘You're special, you're special.' And she keeps putting an emphasis on that. And that's you," Tyler relays to his client, who happily accepts the message as proof he really was his grandmother's No. 1.

"When Tyler tells you that you're the favorite, then you know it's true!" Jesse laughs.

Learn more about the actor's family tree in the clip above!