Celebrate Reese Witherspoon's Birthday With Her Cutest Photos With Her Mini-Me, Ava Phillippe

By Johnni Macke, Kelsey Klemme Mar 22, 2020 1:00 PMTags

She's legally blonde, beautiful and bold and those are just some of the reasons why we love Reese Witherspoon.

The Little Fires Everywhere star turns 44 years old today and therefore we're in the celebratory mood!

For decades now we've been fans of the blonde beauty and all of her amazing roles both on-screen and behind the camera.

Whether its being a badass in business with her Hello Sunshine media brand and Draper James clothing line, or bringing her acting A-game to films like Sweet Home Alabama, Wild or Legally Blonde, Witherspoon is one of Hollywood's favorite darlings.

What makes her even cuter and more lovable is that fact that she's a super mom!

She is the mother to three children, proving that she can truly do it all.

While we love all of her relationships with each of her kids, its her bond with eldest child and only daughter Ava Phillippe that we can't get enough of.

Reese Witherspoon's Best Looks

Together, these two set style goals and make us wish we could spend every day with our moms trying to be even a little bit as cool and fun as this mother-daughter duo.

They are basically the Lorelai and Rory Gilmore of the real world and we are major fans of everything they do. Their best trait? The fact that they look like twins all the time!

Phillippe is her mom's mini me in looks, style and size and it's too darn cute.

In honor of Witherspoon's birthday, we've rounded up the cutest snaps of her and her daughter twinning. Trust us, these will make you do a serious double take.

Happy birthday, Reese. We love you, your fierceness and of course the fact that you can still do the bend and snap with ease! 

Summer Vibes

While enjoying a family summer vacation, Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe posed for a selfie and proved just how beautiful their bond is. 

Sleigh Bells Ring

The Big Little Lies star joked she "had to beg" Ava to rock matching Draper James holiday sweaters. 

Bundled Up

Reese and her mini-me daughter served some fresh winter fashion in January of this year in puffer coats.

High Altitude

The two ski bunnies snapped this cute selfie together before hitting the slopes.

Back in Black

The two looked like mirror images of one another in black dresses and a red lip in a post on Reese's Instagram in December of last year.

Lunch Date

"Lunch with my girl," Reese captioned this cute candid of the two enjoying delicious-looking salads.

Big Little Cuties

Talk about seeing double! The duo hits the red carpet for season two of Reese's show, Big Little Lies, in May 2019.

Birthday Wishes

The duo celebrates Reese's 43rd birthday! Ava takes to Instagram to send a sweet message to her momma, saying, "You are such a generous, conscientious, and passionately kind person, and I am so blessed to bear witness to your light and love each and every day!"


In October 2018, Reese and her daughter stepped out at a gala in sexy little black dresses and they were totally twinning.

Premiere Partners

Clearly, Phillippe inherited her mom's killer, blonde locks and power stance.

Smiling Style

Witherspoon enlisted her daughter for Draper James' spring collection in 2018 and if her goal was to make us do a double take it definitely worked.

Christmas Cuties

As the duo celebrated Christmas in 2017 they looked cheerful in red.

Blondes in Black

We know it's hard, but if you look closely these two look related. Oh wait, that's not right...they look like identical twins!

Little Black Heels

In October 2017, the pair posed for photos in similar, but different ensembles. Notice the wavy locks, peep-toed heels and signature natural makeup looks both ladies rocked.

Red Carpet Ready

If it weren't for the Oscar winner's red lipstick, it would be quite the challenge telling these two apart.

Smirking Sisters

It's clear Phillippe inherited her mama's signature grin. 

Flower Power

Another day, another sweet mother-daughter snap of the actress and her lookalike daughter.

Doing a Double Take

Yup, some genetic wizardy was definitely involved here. 

All in the Family

There's no question these two are related, but Phillippe also looks a lot like her dad, Ryan Phillippe, here.

Posing on Point

This mother-daughter duo resemble each other down to their shoe choice. 

Mirror Images

Even their side profiles match!

Bronzed Beauties

Makeup free and fabulous is something both of these ladies are on a regular basis.

Girls' Night

In October 2015, Witherspoon and Phillippe had a fun girls' night and proved once again that they are birds of a feather.

Pastel Pals

Everything about this Mother's Day post makes us happy.

Ride or Die

If you've ever wanted to see Witherspoon with blue locks then look no further!

Mamma & Me

Is it just us, or are we looking at two baby Reeses here?

Mommy's Girl

From their piercing blue eyes to their platinum blonde locks, it was clear from day one that Phillippe was her mom's mini me.