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There is seemingly no end to Chris Rock's daddy issues.

UPDATE: The parties reportedly reached a confidential settlement in December 2012.

A Los Angeles judge has unsealed a civil suit filed against the comedian last August by a Hungarian model who has been claiming for the better part of a decade that Rock fathered her child (two DNA tests have since proved otherwise), raped her (no charges were ever filed) and hired a particularly aggressive private investigator to pursue her allegations (Rock testified last year that he was unaware of Anthony Pellicano's extensive tactics).

This time around, according to the Los Angeles Times, model Monica Zsibrita is going after the actor for alleged breach of contract and various other civil charges, calling him "a monster."

In addition to Rock, the far-reaching suit also names Pellicano, the city of Beverly Hills and three police supervisors.

But according to Zsibrita, it's not, despite appearances, money she's after.

"My side has never been out," she told reporters outside the courtroom yesterday. "This has basically ruined my life."

Just think how Rock feels.

Chief among its ruinous deeds, she says, is the gold digger label that has been sicced on her by the press and, most disturbingly to her, those in her native Hungary.

"I am not a poor girl," she said. "I don't need to date people for money."

The 36-year-old's suit was unsealed by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman at her request in order to get her side of the story out.

While she and Rock reached a confidential settlement back in 2000, she argued that his spouting off about their 1998 two-night-stand, which occurred while Rock was temporarily estranged from wife Malaak, on a 2004 broadcast of the Howard Stern show voided the confidential aspect of the case.

Lichtman apparently agreed, saying it was "incongruous" to keep the new suit sealed when so many details of the case were readily available online.

As for Zsibrita, her court documents explain why she waited so long to file the suit, saying she did not go to police right away with her sexual assault claim as she was embarrassed, but later did so at the behest of a rape counselor.

The papers also include transcripts of a phone call which took place between Rock and Pellicano in which the P.I., currently serving a 15-year sentence, admitted that he had obtained a confidential copy of the Beverly Hills police report. He said he would "blacken this girl up to the left and right" in order to keep the allegations private. Zsibrita claims in her suit that around the same time her home was repeatedly broken into and photos of her daughter stolen.

For his part, Rock addressed some of Zsibrita's claims while testifying in Pellicano's trial last spring.

"Someone who was not pregnant with my child claimed to be pregnant with my child and requested large sums of money," he testified.

As for her rape allegation, Rock said, "I'm here as a free man. I didn't do anything wrong."

Rock has yet to comment on the new suit, while a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills police department told the L.A. Times they had no comment.

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