Kristin Cavallari Tested Jay Cutler's Knowledge of Her Company & It Went Just as Hilarious as You'd Think

By Emily Mae Czachor Mar 01, 2019 4:29 PMTags
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Jay Culter needs extra credit in this hilarious clip starring Very Cavallari's leading couple. 

"We know that Jay thinks he can do better than the majority of my employees. So, we're gonna put him to the test," explains Kristin Cavallari, who opened a home goods and jewelry store in downtown Nashville called Uncommon James a few years ago. The "test" in question is pretty simple. Kristin presents Jay with various items sold in the store, and he tries to identify them. Of course, his wife is in the market for tip-top employees, so the makeshift interview proves pretty complicated. 

"What is this, Jay?" Kristin says after revealing the first piece of merchandise to him. 

"It's a candle," he replies.

"Sure is," his wife says, though it's clear she's looking for detail here. Continuing, she tells him, "Alright, you have one line to say to somebody to sell this candle."

Jay takes a second to think. Then, "Do you want a candle?" he tries.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler's Cutest Pics

They go through a few more rounds of identifying before Kristin whips out "the real test," as she puts it.

"What are these called?" she asks Jay, holding up a pair of geometric gold earrings.

"Earrings," he says assuredly. But Kristin wants the name. "Square earrings?" Jay offers.

He gets it eventually—they're Uncommon James' signature Girl Boss earrings—though Jay still fumbles when it comes to the issue of actually selling them.

"Look at how symmetrically square they are!" he tells the camera.

Think he got the job or no? Find out if Jay gets a second interview in the clip above!