Watch Steve Carell Surprise Jenna Fischer by Jumping Out of a Box on Busy Tonight!

In this hilariously unexpected Office reunion, Fischer’s old costar showed up to wish her a happy birthday.

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 27, 2019 4:11 PMTags

It's Steve Carell in a box!

Jenna Fischer's birthday comes early in this hysterical clip from Tuesday's Busy Tonight. The actor won't celebrate her actual b-day until the end of next week, but that doesn't stop host Busy Philipps from surprising her with a preemptive round of gift-giving—Dunder Mifflin style.

"I asked some of your coworkers from The Office to send special gifts," Busy tells her guest. "And you have to guess who sent each one."

The name game is a breeze at first. Many of Jenna's former costars double as the actor's present-day friends, and she appears to know them all too well.  

Busy Tonight's Celebrity Guests

"Well, this one seems obvious cause it says, 'To Jenna. From your BFF.' So I'm assuming it's Angela," Jenna laughs, before flashing her present from Angela Kinsey to the camera. "It's a shirt with a loaf of bread on it," she finishes.

Jenna received similarly inventive presents from a handful of her Office colleagues, like Ellie Kemper and Ed Helms, during Tuesday night's show. But it was her former onscreen boss who managed to come up with the evening's most memorable early birthday surprise: Himself!

See how Jenna reacts when she finds Michael Scott's real-life counterpart crouched inside her final gift box in the clip above!