Pete Davidson Kicks Out Show Heckler Over Mac Miller Mention

The comedian was performing a set when someone in the audience inappropriately called out the late rapper's name.

By Samantha Schnurr Feb 27, 2019 1:57 PMTags
Watch: Pete Davidson Kicks Heckler Out After Mac Miller Comment

When a fan crosses the line, Pete Davidson doesn't play around.

Such was the case on Monday night in New Jersey, where the 25-year-old comedian was performing a set at the South Orange Performing Arts Center. "My friend died in my apartment," Davidson began, only for someone in the audience to shout out "Mac Miller?" Miller unexpectedly died in September 2018 following an accidental overdose. He was 26 years old. 

The late rapper was also the ex-boyfriend of Davidson's ex-fiancée, Ariana Grande. She and Davidson called off their engagement and went their separate ways a month after his sudden passing. 

Immediately after the heckler shouted Miller's name, Davidson stopped the set until the person was removed from the room. 

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"I'll wait. I will not continue until that kid's gone," he said, according to newly published audio of the show from TMZ. "I'll leave, so if you want the show to continue, call out the person who did it. Gotta get him the f--k out, give his money back and get him the f--k out. I don't deal with that s--t at my show."

He continued, "This show is just for fun...I'm not gonna have that s--t at my show."

After encouraging others in the audience to point the person out, it sounds like they followed his direction and identified the person, who was seemingly escorted out by security.  

"I hope you're proud of yourself. You just f--king f--ked up everything," he said. "I'm gonna have to f--king do jokes that I know work," Davidson added, which was met with some laughter. 

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"Make sure he gets his money back, too," the comedian instructed. "I don't want his money."

Fortunately for attendees, Davidson didn't leave. As they say, the show must go on.