See the Moment Tyler Henry Predicted Mario Lopez & Wife Courtney Would Have a Third Child

The Hollywood Medium star told the couple about the big baby news months before they actually announced it!

By Brett Malec Feb 26, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Third Baby in the Cards For Mario Lopez & Wife Courtney Mazza?

Tyler Henry is dropping a baby bombshell on Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Lopez!

On Thursday's all-new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the clairvoyant picks up on clues that the celebrity couple might not be done expanding their family of four.

"They're having me joke about kids. They're having me go two, three, two, three, two, three, two, three like back and forth, they keeping saying this. And then, 'Stop!.' Like, 'Halt!'" Tyler tells them in this shocking preview clip. "How many kids do you have?"

"Two," Courtney answers.

"They're having me just talk about overall health and well-being and when it comes to your physical health to be kind of aware or conscientious. How many kids do you see yourself having in your life?" Tyler asks.

"I mean, three at the most and we have two...And he really wants three," she tells him.

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"I wouldn't say it's out of the question. It's nothing bad, it's just something that might present a little bit of a hurdle. But nothing serious," Tyler tells them.

"We're always talking about having another child," Courtney adds.

Mario then asks Tyler if it's too dangerous for them to have more kids. Tyler confirms it's more about the "struggle" to get pregnant. "I wouldn't be concerned after the child is conceived for the mother or for the child," Tyler says. "It's more the beforehand."


Mario confirms that getting pregnant again has been an "issue" for him and Courtney. "Did you hack our phones?" Mario jokes.

"I've seen the show a million times and until you're sitting there and you are the actual person, you just don't understand how real the afterlife is," an astounded Courtney admits. Flash forward to a few months after their reading with Tyler: Mario and Courtney announced they're expecting baby No. 3

Watch Tyler's amazing prediction in the clip above.