Kailah Casillas Has No Regrets, But the Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Star Is About to Get Fired

The newest VIP host added to the Lohan Beach Club won't last much longer on the MTV reality show

By Lauren Piester Feb 25, 2019 4:30 PMTags
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Sometimes jobs just don't work out. 

Kailah Casillas is about to find that out the hard way on tonight's Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, when Lindsay Lohan decides she's finally had enough of the Challenge vet's drama. And also her messy room, as you can see in the clip we posted on Friday

Casillas, who has competed in five seasons of The Challenge since Invasion of the Champions, was brought in as a new VIP host a few episodes ago and was happy to stir up trouble from the beginning. She also had a lot of advice to hand out to her colleagues/castmates, since as she points out, none of them have ever done reality TV before. Since her arrival, Kailah hasn't been quiet about her thoughts on her famous boss, and when we hopped on the phone with her to talk about her time in Mykonos, she had more thoughts to share on her tumultuous time in that VIP host villa in the wake of her firing. 

Meet the Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Cast

E! News: What were you expecting when you signed up for this? 

Casillas: I had no clue what I was walking into. I really didn't know what the work situation was going to be like, whether I was actually going to be working...I didn't know what Lindsay was going to be like. I didn't know what the cast mates were going to be like. It was just all so new to me, obviously from coming off The Challenge, that whole situation is way different. I've never done a show like this before. I wasn't sure what to expect, and it made it a little bit weirder for me because I had done TV before and I have done reality shows, and this is my seventh one and I walked in and everyone on the cast had never done TV before, this is their first show. So I was just kinda like in a different mindset. They all weren't really sure what was appropriate and what wasn't, and all of them were kind of being passive aggressive, and I kinda walked in like, alright, I've got nothing to lose here. I'm going to stand up for myself and do what I have to do and if I end up getting fired then I end up getting fired. But it was weird because they all were so scared to be themselves because they were fearing going home. But, I don't like to think about life like that.

What were you hoping for when you signed up? 

I was hoping that I would get a really cool experience in Greece, gain new friendships, gain new life experiences. The same thing that I would hope for any other show that I've ever done. It's just gain more life experience and have a good time and have fun, live in Greece. Like that is so awesome I was able to even do that. And to be there was so awesome and I was so grateful to be given that opportunity.

Kailah's Got Some Harsh Words for Her Boss in Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club Sneak Peek

You went up against Lindsay pretty quickly. What were your first impressions of her and how did they change? 

I wasn't sure what to think of her at first. But I, very quickly, got a bad taste in my mouth from the way she was just speaking to people and the things that the cast members and like my house mates would saying about Lindsay and things that had happened before I got there. I quickly gained an understanding of what it was going to be like, and who she was and that's something that I kinda I gained right off the bat. Like, day one she was already kinda being a bitch to me, so it was a really quickly progression to what you [see] when I got fired.

You've said before, and we've seen before, that you go into things like this intending to stir things up. Do you feel like you did that on this show? 

I mean yeah, and it's me wanting to go in and stir things up, of course I do end up doing that and usually it's out of boredom but this time I really didn't go in with the intention of being annoying, but that's just my personality and I'm going to stand up for myself, and especially, I feel like I more so stood up for myself because no one else would. If there were other people, you know, calling her out or saying how they really felt, I think that I would have taken a back seat and been like, oh I let someone else stir the pot or say how they feel. But no one was. They were all talking s--t about Lindsay at home but then pretending like they were fine to her face. And I was like, I'm not going to be that person. If I really feel some sort of way, I'm going to stand up for myself to say it, no one else would do it, so I was like alright I'll be the one to do it I guess. Take one for the team, here.

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Do you think they were acting that way out of fear of getting fired? 

I think they were like "oh my god, it's Lindsay [Lohan], we have to be the best ambassadors ever." And also the more I've learn from knowing a lot of them is that they all are really cool people, they all have big personalities and I don't think that anyone really got to see that from them because they were so reserving themselves out of fear of going home, so it sucks that you guys really didn't get to know any of them because they were just tip toeing the entire season.


Lindsay got mad at you for acting as if this was a competition, but was there a sense that this was a competition based on how people were getting fired?

Yeah 100 percent. That was exactly what it was and they made sure to tell us multiple times that you know, one person is going to get fired so make sure you are on your best behavior, make sure you're doing the best at work, and make sure that you're here to work and not worry about things that are happening back home. They set it up, Lindsay and Panos, set it up to make us feel like we were competing against each other, or stay and not be the one to get fired. So now I feel like it's a competition, and I think anything in life is kinda that way, like I want to be the best at any job I go to, but in that moment I'm like, I don't really care about making friendships here, like I just wanna stay and I didn't think that was so wrong to say and I feel like any normal boss would be like, okay that's good, that's the competitive attitude that anyone would usually want to see in their employees, but apparently not her. 

Plus you also came from one of the most competitive shows on TV, The Challenge

Well that too. I'm always in that mindset. 

One thing you said after that situation on the yacht was that she doesn't listen to anything you say, and she "has no idea what's actually going on, and she's almost living in her own universe." What did you mean by that? Did you experience that? 

Yes, and it wasn't just to me it was to everyone. She thought that, throughout the entire season, she kept thinking that Brent and Jonitta were hooking up like on the down low. And they were like "we're not hooking up, Sarah and Brent are hooking up." And she's like ‘no, no, no, I know."  It's like, what are you talking about? She just has these predetermined thoughts in her head and no one can tell her otherwise and it was honestly strange, ‘cause we would all be sitting there and be like no, that's not happening. She'd be like "okay, sure"

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Do you have any regrets about how this ended? 

No. I don't live life like that. I don't like to regret anything and if I felt a certain way in that moment and said whatever I said, then I would probably do it the same way again. So, I don't regret anything. I'm happy that I went into a situation where everyone where everyone was kind of afraid of speaking up for themselves, and that I could be kinda like a voice of reason. Since the show, a lot of the cast members kinda like thanked me for going there and being myself and speaking up and they wish they could have been more—this sounds bad, but they wish they could've been more like me, where they kinda went in and were themselves because now they are looking back and they're regretting it. So, I'm happy that I spoke up and that I was just, you know, myself.

Do you have thoughts on the show overall and how Lindsay wanted to portray herself on the show?

She wanted to portray herself as a boss, but she's not a boss. She's just not. And it really shows. This show kind of like backfired in her face, because it doesn't come off looking like she is this boss figure that she thinks she is, because she's actually really rude and really disrespectful and has no idea what's going on around her. 

You can see how Kailah's firing plays out on tonight's episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which airs at 10 p.m. on MTV. Tonight's episode also features that iconic LiLo dance we've all been waiting for, so you're in for multiple treats.