This At-Home Facial Will Save Your Dry Winter Skin

You're only 7 products away from a better complexion

By Taylor Stephan Feb 23, 2019 11:00 AMTags
E-Comm: At-Home Facial for Winter Skin

Ever notice how much drier your skin is this time of year?

No matter how much of your usual moisturizer you slather on before bed, you still wake up to dull, flaky skin. Yeah us too, so we asked Matthew Garcia of Face Haus what's going on and how we can fix it with a new nightly routine. "During the winter months the temperature drops, our heaters go on, and we take warmer, even hot, showers. This is comforting in the moment but these factors will cause the loss of water in our skin," he explained. Translation: All that heat only adds to your less-than-ideal cold-weather completion.

The pro's solution: An upgraded winter skincare routine that involves a double cleansing, double masking and a few other key products. 

Step 1

Start out with a good oil cleanse to remove any makeup, SPF and excess oil.

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Step 2

Use a milky, creamy cleanser to achieve perfectly clean skin.

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Step 3

Next use an enzymatic exfoliating mask to help smooth out tone and texture. Pro tip: the most effective masks include extracts from pineapple, papaya, and/or pumpkin.

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Step 4

Follow up with a hydrating and plumping mask. The antioxidants will provide a dewy glow.

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Step 5

Then mist your skin with a balancing toner. 

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Step 6

Follow up with a quality eye cream to hydrate and smooth the under-eye area.

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Step 7

And lastly, don't forget a moisturizer suited for your skin type.

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