Watch Lizzo Blow Tyler Henry's Socks Off With Her Impressive Flute Skills on Hollywood Medium

Plus, the young medium relays a message from her late father

By Brett Malec Feb 25, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Lizzo Plays Her Cherished Flute for Tyler Henry

Nothing can stop Lizzo and her magical flute!

The rising music star is seriously impressing Tyler Henry with her music skills on this week's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry.

"Sometimes people will bring objects that actually belong to the loved ones that passed away, and other times people will bring objects that are more connected to you but maybe given to you by someone who passed. So I'm just curious to know about this object," Tyler says in this preview clip, referencing the instrument which was given to Lizzo by her late father.

"This is Sasha Flute, she is very famous," the "Juice" singer explains. "My father bought this for me. When I felt the flute was annoying and dorky, he thought it was cool and special. And when he passed away I played the flute at his service."

"Would you mind playing something for me?" Tyler asks before watching Lizzo do an impromptu flute performance that completely blows his socks off. Clearly, Lizzo's late dad's gift has been very important to her since his passing.

Tyler Henry's Most OMG Moments on Hollywood Medium

"I always just had this flute with me and I put flute on one of my songs called 'Coconut Oil' and it's got like four million views and it's just going and I'm like, 'Dad, you were right. Why didn't I do this sooner? People love the flute, why was I hiding her? I want to share this with people,'" she explained.

"Exactly, you gotta come out of the flute closet!" Tyler cracked. "Loud, proud and playing the flute!"


"Tyler brought up a major wound and now that I've confronted that I can definitely start making strides to being a happier, less anxious person," Lizzo later admits. "That is always something that I will cherish."

Watch Lizzo's impressive performance above and see what other messages she receives from her late father on Thursday's Hollywood Medium!