Will the Botched Doctors Be Able to Fix New Patient Gaby's "Butchered" Breasts?

By Alyssa Ray Feb 25, 2019 3:30 PMTags
Watch: Woman Wants Her Butchered Boobs Fixed

Can the Botched doctors fix Gaby's butchered breasts?

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new episode, the Brentwood resident details how a health crisis in her childhood led her to getting a disastrous boob job.

Per the new patient, when she was born she had a benign cyst in her right armpit. Understandably, Gaby's parents had the growth removed, but the procedure caused side effects that came about in adulthood.

Specifically, when Gaby first started developing, she discovered that she was "budding on one side and the other side wouldn't bud."

"When they went in and they removed that cyst, they also removed the breast tissue—the mammary tissue in the axillary area of my chest," Gaby explains to the Botched camera.

In an attempt to combat the issue, Gaby reveals she had an expander put in at 21 years old ahead of a breast augmentation.

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"Every couple weeks, they injected saline and then I had the surgery to place the implant where the expander had been," Gaby further notes.

While the plan was to "lift the left side and reduce it," Gaby awoke after surgery to a totally different situation on her chest. "When I got out of surgery, I felt like I got butchered," the new patient recalls. "It was devastating."

Apparently, surgery made it so her left breast sags and her right breast is very high and close to her collarbone. In the eight years following surgery, Gaby regularly has to tape down her nipple as it pops out like "a little groundhog."

Will doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif be able to right this wrong?

Hear all about Gaby's case in the clip above!

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