Tyler Henry Begins Hollywood Medium's New Season With Three Emotional Readings

The 23-year-old clairvoyant performed some unorthodox family therapy this week.

By Emily Mae Czachor Feb 22, 2019 2:00 AMTags
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Tyler Henry is getting back to his old haunts! (And some new ones, too.)

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry's fourth season officially kicked off tonight. During Thursday's star-studded premiere episode, the lovable clairvoyant mingled with an impressive roster of celebrity relatives, both living and dead.

First, Tyler stopped by Rebel Wilson's place. And, despite the fact that most of her immediate family lives an actual ocean away in Australia, he ended up chatting with several members of the Wilson clan as well. 

"Any living family you have questions about?" Tyler asked at the start of their session.

"My sister, Liberty. God, she'll probably hate me bringing her up," Rebel replied, before explaining that Liberty has been going through "a rough patch" recently.

Of course, she didn't really have to explain.  

Tyler Henry's Celebrity Clients

"They're having me talk about her starting over. That's really the only way I can describe it," said Tyler moments later. "They're basically having me talk about her feeling insecure because of her age and where she's at."

His insights hit home for Rebel almost immediately—so much so that she pulled out her phone to tell Liberty right then and there.

"Hi, Lib! This is Tyler," he said once Rebel's little sis was on the other line. Continuing, the clairvoyant let her know the reason for his call.

"There was a message that came through for you and I just wanted to deliver it to you firsthand because it seems like it was pretty important," Tyler told her. "Basically with where you're at right now, it's gonna get a lot better. They've been watching over you over the past year. And they want you to know that…the best is yet to come with this."

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Tyler's conversation with Liberty turned out to be an especially emotional one, for all parties involved. While Rebel's sister managed to keep her composure, the same could not be said for the actor herself, who fought back tears during most of their phone call.

"You just feel so much for your own sister," Rebel told the Hollywood Medium camera, post-reading. "And I just know how badly she would need a message like that right now. It's very, very positive."

This week's episode was chock-full of family reunions, some less literal than others. After nailing his session with Rebel (at one point, the actor was so astounded by the accuracy of one reading that she gasped aloud), Tyler sat down with a much more skeptical client.

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"While I'm excited, there is this certain sense of like, ‘What am I doing? Why would I agree to do this?'" said Bachelor host Chris Harrison before their meeting. Unlike most of Tyler's clients, Chris didn't opt for a house visit. Instead, he suggested they meet on "neutral" turf: Under a sprawling gazebo outside some sunny Four Seasons hotel.

Heading into the session, Chris admitted he wasn't totally sold on Tyler's abilities.

"Frankly I'm a producer. I love TV. Tyler's good TV," he shrugged. "And there's that curiosity there of like, how does he do it?"

When Tyler unexpectedly managed to communicate with the TV host's late aunt Joyce mid-way through their reading, he was taken aback. As Chris later told the camera, he'd originally intended to channel his former mentor (if anyone) via a memento he brought with him to the hotel.

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"I was a little surprised that my aunt Joyce came through so strongly today because I didn't bring a picture or anything," Chris told Tyler. "Does that mean something?"

"I think it's just a testament to the connection she has to your mom. And probably to the entire family," Tyler replied, after having previously relayed Aunt Joyce's appreciation to Chris' mother for taking care of her toward the end of her life. "Sometimes when people come to these sessions, these loved ones come through for them. And sometimes they come through for other family members."

When he recapped the experience afterward, Chris was all smiles. 

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"It was incredible," he said. "I want my mom to watch this ‘cause I think it'll be very profound and meaningful for her."

Appropriately, Tyler's final session with Sofía Vergara was also a spirited family affair. The actor's niece Claudia Vergara joined her in real-life—but according to Tyler, they were far from the only Vergaras in the room.

See who else showed up in the full recap video above!