Jason Masks, Tears and Spikes: The Fall 2019 Gucci Collection May Give You Nightmares

See all the dramatic looks from the iconic brand's show

By Stephanie Wenger Feb 20, 2019 8:30 PMTags
Gucci Show, Milan Fashion Week 2019Tullio M. Puglia/Stringer/Getty Images

Gucci turned their Fall 2019 show at Milan Fashion Week into a house of horrors.

While the style was on point, the presentation didn't shy away from all of the classic horror movie elements that will be sure to leave us with nightmares for days to come.

From the Friday the 13 Jason masks to creepy clown inspired ensembles, there were shortage of throwbacks to the best scary films in history.

There were even models rocked silk blouses that were reminiscent of Interview with a Vampire. Can you say scary?

If that wasn't enough, spikes seemed to a running theme throughout the show. Headpieces, masks, collars and necklaces with the unique embellishment were seen all over the Gucci runway.

But, the most terrifying look on the runway might have been not so subtle metallic tears that a few of the models were rocking.

Which look do you think is the most frightening? Are there any looks that are making you stop in your tracks?

Friday the 13th Inspired

When in doubt, turn your favorite horror movie into a major fashion moment.

Spikey Sense

This unique ensemble will most definitely turn some heads.

Fashion Alien

Talk about making a statement. This look would not have been complete without the creepy mask.

Clowning Around

This bright patterned ensemble was a showstopper.

Spiked & Ready

Nothing goes better with yellow boots than a spiked mask and collar.

Horror Chic

Gucci is going for all the drama with this look.

Masked Model

It's not easy being green. Gucci knows that for a fact.

Plaid Nightmare

The model showed off a dramatic look with a gold eye piece and spiked necklace.

Oh So Scary

Is that you, Jason?

Fierce but Feminine

The model wore red lace tights with a black spiked mask at the Gucci show.

Chained to Fashion

Making it down the runway with chains covering your face can't be easy.

Power Suit

The model brought the drama by pairing his three-piece suit with a spiked collar.

Over the Top

No one will be able to forget this unique runway look.

Suitable Shoes

Over her heels? The model carried her stilettos in a bag and walked the runway in boots instead.

Green Envy

The model had all eyes on her as she rocked green leather pants and a dramatic headpiece.

Next Level Fashion

No fashion show would be complete without theatrical earpieces.

Masked Moment

The model walked the runway in an intense blue mask and dramatic collar.

Vampire Inspired

Gucci added flair to this Interview with a Vampire look with a spiked collar.

Madonna Tears

Taking a page from the Madonna playbook, the model made her way to down the runway with metallic tears painted on her face.