Doctors Terry Dubrow & Paul Nassif Enlist the Help of a Former CIA Professional! See Why on Tonight's Botched

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Accidents happen, but a bad nose job is unacceptable!

On Wednesday's all-new Botched, new patient Laura turned to Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif after an accident involving her beloved bulldog Brutus resulted in a poorly done rhinoplasty.

"I went to kiss the top of his head and he came up at the same time and broke my nose," Laura told the Botched camera. "His tooth went through the middle of my nose. So, this part and this part, it was not attached."

While what happened with Brutus was "a complete accident," Laura's original surgeon failed to successfully reconstruct her nose as his work led to an infection.

"There's a hole in my nose now that leads directly down to my throat. Everything's gone," she further added.

Unsurprisingly, Laura hoped Dr. Nassif would be able to give her a presentable looking nose. During Laura's presentation of her case, Dr. Nassif found himself baffled by the previous surgeon's surgical decisions.

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"Laura's nose and face is basically a roadmap, but she has incisions everywhere," Dr. Nassif noted later on. "And guess what? I have no idea what they're for or why."

Upon examining Laura's nose in the exam room, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow realized that the dog lover "lost the entire septum."

"There is literally nothing left in Laura's nose," Dr. Dubrow shared in a confessional. "No recognizable anatomical structures, I've never seen anything like this in my career."

Sadly, since the tissue by Laura's nose lacked "its own good, independent blood supply," Dr. Nassif ruled out the possibility of a nasolabial flap. However, with the help of a former CIA professional, Nassif came up with a game plan involving a prosthesis.

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Understandably, Laura agreed to the procedure without hesitation. Although Dr. Nassif knew exactly what he was doing, he and his medical team faced some slight hiccups along the way. Not only was Nassif forced to work with a calcified piece of rib, but he also needed to use two pieces of cartilage to expand a nostril.

After Laura's new nostril healed fully, Dr. Nassif brought in Robert Barron to make a mold for the prosthetic. "We're one step closer to putting that last puzzle piece in and completing it," Dr. Nassif happily expressed.

Laura was equally thrilled with everything that was done to her nose as she felt it no longer looked like a "black hole."

This wasn't the only Botched success story as Idaho resident Erica also had a positive encounter with the doctors. Per Erica, she sought out the doctors' expertise since a bad boob job left her with uneven breasts and suspicious leakage.

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Apparently, Erica first sought medical attention after finding a benign lump in her breast. At the urging of her then-boyfriend, Erica went under-the-knife to not only get the lump removed, but to also receive implants.

"Occasionally in plastic surgery, a patient is doing a procedure to make a relative or a boyfriend happy," Dr. Dubrow knowingly explained. "That's an enormous red flag! A plastic surgeon should never operate on a patient under those circumstances."

After a couple failed revisional procedures, Erica found that she still had her benign lump and daily discharge from her nipple. Since Erica had both "a serious cosmetic issue" and "a serious medical, physical, functional issue," Dr. Dubrow decided to examine the situation for himself.

"Right now, you have a problem and we need to be problem solvers! Right?" Dr. Dubrow informed Erica.

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Thus, Heather Dubrow's husband recommended that Erica have her implants removed and to use natural breast tissue to rectify the situation. Despite feeling uncertain about the game plan, Erica chose to trust Dr. Dubrow's instincts.

During surgery, Dubrow and his team found many surprises—including "gross fluid" and several suspicious masses. Nonetheless, Dr. Dubrow was able to give Erica "two symmetrical, implant-free breasts."

After so much drama, Erica was incredibly pleased with the final result.

"After my surgery, my breasts finally feel normal! I no longer have this leaking lump," Erica concluded. "I'm ready to let go of the hurt from my past relationship and move on with my life."

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