Whiskey Cavalier's Exploding Tampon Commercial Is Too Good

Exclusive: "Feminine spygiene" is the perfect cure for all government leaks

By Lauren Piester Feb 15, 2019 1:27 AMTags

A spy's gotta do what a spy's gotta do, and in this case, she's gotta prevent government leaks with a handy tampon grenade. 

E! News is here to bring you another bit of "spyvertising" for the new ABC show Whiskey Cavalier, and this one might just be our personal favorite. It stars Lauren Cohan as one of those tampon commercial ladies who's free to wear all white with no fear of leaks of any kind, all thanks to S.P.Y. brand tampons, which have a 360 blast radius. Perfect for a spy on the go! 

"Danger just got fun" indeed. 

Please also see the fine print at the bottom of the screen: "Feminine spygiene products not for internal use. Seriously." 

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This is the third of these ad spoofs ABC has put out so far, and we debuted the first two earlier this week, including an ad for a romantic getaway (extensive government training required) and a poison-filled engagement ring (from L'Espionnage Jewelers). 

The show follows FBI Agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) and CIA Agent Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) as they team up to lead a somewhat ragtag team of spies, and we're here to tell you it's delightful, just as these ads are. 

Whiskey Cavalier premieres on ABC on February 27 with a special sneak preview airing after the Oscars on February 24.