Whiskey Cavalier's Exploding Tampon Commercial Is Too Good

Exclusive: "Feminine spygiene" is the perfect cure for all government leaks
By Lauren Piester Feb 15, 2019 1:27 AMTags
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This is the third of these ad spoofs ABC has put out so far, and we debuted the first two earlier this week, including an ad for a romantic getaway (extensive government training required) and a poison-filled engagement ring (from L'Espionnage Jewelers). 

The show follows FBI Agent Will Chase (Scott Foley) and CIA Agent Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) as they team up to lead a somewhat ragtag team of spies, and we're here to tell you it's delightful, just as these ads are. 

Whiskey Cavalier premieres on ABC on February 27 with a special sneak preview airing after the Oscars on February 24.