Return to Pawnee With These Galentine's Day Parks and Recreation Deleted Scenes

Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins forever!

By Chris Harnick Feb 13, 2019 5:29 PMTags

Ovaries before brovaries, people!

Parks and Recreation gifted the world with Galentine's Day, the day before Valentine's Day where ladies celebrate the ladies in their lives. The season two episode—and its theme—became so popular there was a sequel episode in season six with Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) searching for a new bet friend following Ann's (Rashida Jones) departure from Pawnee.

To celebrate this holiday, NBC released deleted scenes from the season six episode of Parks and Rec. While it's not new episodes (Poehler is "tech. avail." to make them!), these deleted scenes of Leslie Knope back in action—and back with Ann Perkins—are the Galentine's Day gift fans need—and deserve.

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Aubrey Plaza, April Ludgate on the comedy, also celebrated the day with a reunion picture of her with Poehler and Jones.

Parks and Recreation ran for seven seasons on NBC. The series wrapped up in 2015, but the spirit—and some if its jokes—still live on in co-creator Michael Schur's NBC comedy The Good Place. Even Lil Sebastian made a secret appearance. However, don't expect a crossover between the two shows. The little jokes that make reference to Parks creators are just easter eggs, Schur told press there will never be a crossover between The Good Place and his other shows, including Parks and Rec.

"I want to make this very clear, that will never happen—end of story," Schur said." "I'm like literally drawing a shower curtain between the universe and that idea."

"Part of the fun of doing the show has been just for literally no reason to drop Parks and Rec easter eggs into The Good Place," he said. "And we've done it like, I don't know, a dozen times. And that was a total coincidence [having Lil Sebastian in the episode], that was for an episode of The Good Place where all the animals were walking around. We decided just for old times' sake to get Lil Sebastian back."

However, it's just a nice to think about Lil Sebastian, the miniature horse, in heaven, Schur said, it's not a crossover.

All seven seasons of Parks and Rec are streaming on Netflix.

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