Priyanka Chopra Fangirls Over Nick Jonas in Hilarious "Ew" Skit With Jimmy Fallon

The actress also gets an intense chest-bump from Jimmy Fallon

By Elyse Dupre Feb 13, 2019 5:01 PMTags
Priyanka Chopra, Jimmy Fallon, Ew, The Tonight ShowAndrew Lipovsky/NBC

Everyone's favorite grossed out teenager is back—and she has a new BFF.

Jimmy Fallon reprised his role as Sara on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show for another segment of "Ew!." Several celebrities have appeared on the fake teenage talk show and dressed up as one of Sara's friends. This time it was Priyanka Chopra's turn.

The Quantico alum played Sara's homeroom BFF Mia. From the pigtails to her backpack, the actress had the character's look down pat.

During the skit, the two talked about Valentine's Day and showed off their dance moves. At one point, Fallon even chest-bumped Chopra—driving her straight into the wall.

"You're so strong, Sara," Chopra's character quipped. "Have you been working out?"

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The two also FaceTimed with Sara's embarrassing stepdad and named all the things that made them say—what else?—"ew!" While cauliflower and "mayochup" made the list, Chopra's character appeared to be a fan of Harrison Ford and her real-life hubby.

"Ew!" Mia said when shown Jonas' picture.

"Really?" Sara asked. 

"No, I'd totally put a ring on it," Mia joked back.

"If I marry one of his brothers, we can be sisters-in-law!" Sara said. "We'll be J-Sisters. I'll be the bonus Jonas."

Watch the video to see the hilarious sketch.

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