Octavia Spencer's New Ma Movie Trailer Will Give You Nightmares

Take a look at a preview of the upcoming thriller

By Jess Cohen Feb 13, 2019 4:30 PMTags
Octavia Spencer, Ma, PosterUniversal Pictures

"You guys wanna party like rockstars?"

Octavia Spencer is inviting everyone into her home in Ma, the upcoming Universal thriller. In Ma, Oscar winner Spencer stars as Sue Ann, a lonely woman living in an Ohio town. While out walking, Sue Ann bumps into teenager Maggie (Diana Silvers), who asks Sue Ann to buy her and her friends alcohol.

After Maggie convinces Sue Ann to buy the group of teenagers booze, Sue Ann invites them over to her house to hang in her basement.

"You're free to do whatever you want down here but nobody go upstairs," Spencer says in the trailer, released Wednesday. "Welcome to Ma's!"

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While the offer seems great at first, things take a creepy turn, leading the teenagers to realize there's something "off" about Ma.

Watch the complete trailer for the upcoming thriller above!

Ma hits theaters on May 31!