Botched Patient Amanda's Addiction to Plastic Surgery Left Her in a Coma: "I Nearly Died"

By Brett Malec Feb 12, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Plastic Surgery Almost Killed Amanda

Amanda's addiction to plastic surgery almost landed her six feet under.

"I'm Amanda, I'm from Finland and I nearly died from my plastic surgery," the surgery-obsessed patient says in this clip from tomorrow night's all-new episode of Botched. "My ultimate dream is to be a real-life sex doll because all the womanly features are perfectly exaggerated."

The Finish blond bombshell says her fascination with plastic surgery began when she was just eight or nine years old. When she turned 18, Amanda traveled to Estonia to get her first breast augmentation.

"Getting implants was one of the best days of my life but they were not as big as I wanted," Amanda explained. "After my second boob job it became really apparent to me that I had an addiction because I realized how happy it had made me. I would say that plastic surgery is better than sex...way better."

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Wanting to go bigger with her bust, Amanda traveled to Lithuania to upgrade to 1,200 cc implants.

"Afterwards, I wake up in the ICU," she recounts. "I did have my surgery but I had had a seizure and I went into a coma for several days after my surgery."

"The doctors told me that it's the anesthesia that is the problem," Amanda continued. "I was really closer to dying but even after the near-death experience I'm still as addicted as I ever were to plastic surgery."

See how Amanda's scary story unfolds on Wednesday's Botched.

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