BFFs Busy Philipps & Michelle Williams Tell Hilarious Stories About Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio & More Hollywood Stars!

The longtime gal pals have "hot goss" to share with the Busy Tonight viewers

By Alyssa Ray Feb 08, 2019 7:02 PMTags

It's hot gossip, literally!

During Thursday night's episode of Busy Tonight, host Busy Philipps took to a sauna with BFF Michelle Williams to spill their juiciest Hollywood secrets. Since the Dawson's Creek alums are industry veterans, it isn't surprising that they've had so many A-list experiences…but who knew they were so LOL-worthy?

Apparently, during one past Golden Globes ceremony, Busy and Michelle hoped Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio would invite them to "go hang out." Per the notable besties, this never happened since they're "women in their mid-30s."

"I remember, specifically, Leonardo DiCaprio laughing at something I said and then looking at me," Busy confessed. "It was like the first time, maybe ever in his life, he'd looked at a 38-year-old woman. You know what I mean?"

Busy Tonight's Celebrity Guests

In fact, Busy felt the Titanic actor "really looked" at her and possibly thought "that's not bad." However, this isn't the only hilarious celeb encounter Busy has faced with her gal pal.

While breaking a sweat, the twosome also recalled the interesting encounter they had with Matthew McConaughey. Unsurprisingly, the Serenity star left Busy and Michelle thoroughly impressed with his laid-back mantra.

"'I got a beautiful lady on my arm! If my biggest problem is the paparazzi, I said I got it made in the shade,'" Busy remarked while imitating McConaughey. "And you're like, 'That is a fantastic thing to say.'"

Although, this meaningful meet-up ended on a unique note as the Oscar-winning actor accidentally butchered Busy's name. According to Busy, Matthew called her "Whimsy" by mistake.

"He got Marc [Silverstein]'s name and then he got to me and he's like, 'F--k, it's something weird!'" the Busy Tonight host recalled. "‘It's something weird. What is this name? Whimsy!' It came to him."

Thankfully, these tidbits weren't the only juicy stories told during the episode. For all of this hot gossip and more, be sure to take a look at the clips above!