Watch Seth Meyers Live Out Your Fantasy: Day Drinking With Ina Garten

The Late Night host took the Barefoot Contessa out for cocktails, fries and cake

By Chris Harnick Feb 07, 2019 1:49 PMTags
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Seth Meyers is living your wildest dreams: drinking with Ina Garten.

The Late Night host took the Barefoot Contessa star out for an afternoon of day drinking in New York City, where they made Garten's drink recipes (without the proper tools) and forced each other to drink the other's concoctions. It was a revealing afternoon, Garten revealed fresh whiskey sours are her favorite cocktails (even if Meyers ruined it).

Marvel at how Meyers couldn't find his mark and nail his lines after several cocktail before they get some food in them, including fries. But this wasn't just a normal plate of French fries, Garten had a test for Meyers: the Barefoot Contessa mustard and horseradish dip vs. the horsey dip from Arby's. If Meyers couldn't tell the difference, he had to drink, if he could tell, Garten had to drink.

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"Oh, I'm going to be very drunk," Garten laughed. And what happened when she tried the Arby's dip?

"Wah," she said. Yes, she wahed.

Next up? Barbecue sauce, Garten's or McDonald's. Then it was Garten's gravy vs. KFC's.

The fun continued as the two played a new drinking game for the Barefoot Contessa: match the bare feet of celebs to their proper owners. Then it was on to chef quotes, and to the shock of nobody Garten mentioned her husband, Jeffrey Garten.

"Can we not talk about Jeffrey? Oh my god! Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey," Meyers joked.

To celebrate Garten's birthday, Meyers brought out his version of Garten's pink butter cake and the two frosted it together, truly icing on the cake. See the full segment above.

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