Cardi B Responds to Viral Girl Scout Who Remixed "Money" to Sell Cookies

This response is so Cardi.

By Samantha Schnurr Feb 05, 2019 8:29 PMTags
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This response is so Cardi B

In news that will make your day, a girl scout went viral online after revamping Cardi's hit track "Money" into a song fit to sell Samoas, Thin Mints and other beloved cookies from the long running organization. 

"Black girl magic, you know the deal/Communities served, leadership skills/Studio City to Woodland Hills," the youngster rhymes to the tune of the famous song. "Been in this game since 2014/selling them cookies is my thing/buy Thin Mints or even S'mores/Please open up when I knock on your door."

Along with resharing the video, the official Girls Scouts Twitter account added, "#BlackGirlMagic is a rallying cry to celebrate the strength, resiliency, and accomplishments of black women and girls who triumphantly succeed in a society where discrimination and inequality remains pervasive."

The girl has since been identified by CBS Los Angeles as 10-year-old Kiki Paschall, who told the station it took an hour to record the rap. According to the report, she and her fellow girl scouts sold more than 1,000 boxes and are now ordering more. 

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The now-viral 40-second clip has definitely been helpful publicity. Since being shared by Girl Scouts and Cardi on Twitter, it has amassed more than 2 million views. 

"I want all the cookieshhh," Cardi tweeted. Sounds like you have a very famous customer on your list, Kiki!

As for the budding entrepreneur, people on Twitter tracked down her personal cookie sale link and sent her so much support that her page is no longer accepting sales because she reached her goal. 

A round of applause for Kiki! Now, who's suddenly craving some Thin Mints?