Netflix's New Dating Show Bets You Can Handle the Awkwardness of Watching People Go on First Dates

Each episode of Dating Around follows one person going on five first dates

By Chris Harnick Feb 05, 2019 5:07 PMTags
Dating AroundNetflix

Cancel your Valentine's Day Plans because Netflix is entering the realm of reality TV dating shows.

The streaming giant, which has several dating shows already on its platform, many licensed from other countries, has its first original program with Dating Around.

The new series, which debuts on Valentine's Day, features one single going on five first dates in each episode. From the looks of the trailer below, the dates range from great to incredibly awkward. So, exactly like many of the first dates you've probably had, dear reader.

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Dating Around's stars range in age, race, gender and sexual orientation. Netflix promises the series will deliver an "honest and compelling look at the real world of dating."

"To the first blind date of my life, I hope you're not a serial killer," a contestant says in the trailer above.

Same, girl, but this isn't You, it's Dating Around.

Dating Around looks like it'll be as awkward as you can handle, from bad sexual innuendos, talk of drug use and plenty of culture clashes.

Dating Around drops Thursday, Feb. 14 on Netflix.