In this clip from Sunday's brand-new Total Bellas, Brie Bella is trying to encourage her husband Daniel Bryan to focus on ramping up his personal brand. It turns out to be an inordinately tough sell, since Bryan is much more interested in riding out his WWE wrestling career than developing a product line. Hoping to change his mind, Brie hires a professional.

"I invited Freddy over today because he's a brand manager," Brie tells the camera, though she neglected to give her husband a heads up about their afternoon visitor. "I feel like when Bryan hears him speak, he will truly understand all the stuff I keep telling him."

Freddy the brand manager shows up to Brie and Bryan's San Diego home with a knapsack full of props and some creative plans for what to do with them.

"I brought a bag of ideas," Freddy says cheerfully, plopping down on the couch beside an increasingly grumpy-looking Bryan. "When I look at you, I think of 'Man of the Woods' type of feel."

Right on cue, Freddy pulls out flannel button-up and follows it with a partly frayed denim vest. Presenting the latter to Bryan, the brand manager tells him to "rock it, you know, with no shirt under."

Despite Brie and Freddy's best efforts, Bryan still isn't totally on board with their proposed branding schema. 

"Yeah, I don't want to sell people things," he says. "And this whole idea of branding myself, I just don't like it." 

See what else Freddy recommended to boost Bryan's "Man of the Woods" vibe in the clip above! 

Total Bellas returns 2020, only on E!

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