Best Picture Tournament: Which Oscar Winner From the Past 50 Years Is Your Favorite Film?

By Johnni Macke Feb 05, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Best Picture Tournament Round 1, Moonlight, Million Dollar Baby, Titanic, Rain ManE! Illustration

The countdown to the 91st Academy Awards has begun!

Now that it's February we are only weeks away from the biggest award show of the year with the 2019 Oscars airing on Feb. 24 on ABC. 

Since it's the biggest award show in the entertainment world—especially in the film world—winning one of these Oscar statues is an honor like no other. Winning the title of Best Picture however is the ultimate award when it comes to movies and so far there have been a lot of noteworthy recipients.

While there have been 90 years' worth of winners of Best Picture at the Oscars, the past 50 years have proven that movies and their messages have a powerful effect on everyone who watches them. That's why each year fans and actors alike wait with baited breath to see who will take home the top prize.

For example, remember when Titanic took home the title at the 70th show? It was a major accomplishment and we never let go of that moment.

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What about when the cast of Moonlight took the stage in 2017 to accept their trophies?

There was that whole La La Land debacle during the announcement and therefore it has gone down in history as one of the biggest Best Picture moments of all time.

Over the past 50 years movies like Million Dollar Baby and Rain Man have won Best Picture as have Slumdog Millionaire and The Shape of Water.

All of these movies are iconic and totally deserve the praise and attention they got, which makes us wonder, if pinned against one another which of the last 50 Best Picture winners would be the best movie of all time?

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It's a pretty big question, which is why over the next three weeks we will be asking you to vote for your favorites as the top films battle it out to see which movie is actually the best picture ever.

As we countdown the days until this year's Academy Awards where a new Best Picture winner will be named, you can and should cast your vote for the films of Oscars' past! 

Beginning today, you can weigh in on which of the top movies from the last 50 years is your all-time favorite. Make sure to check back on Thursday to see which movies make it to the second round of voting.

The 91st Academy Awards air Sunday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC.

Thank you for voting. This round is now closed!