Roger Mathews Pens Letter to JWoww Amid Divorce Drama: "We Are Both A--holes"

The Jersey Shore star and her and estranged husband's drama keeps getting uglier.
By Corinne Heller Feb 02, 2019 4:41 PMTags
JWoww and Roger Mathews: Romance Rewind

Mathews called on JWoww to work together for the sake of their children.

"I do not hate you," he added. "If I can forgive you and you can forgive me, certainly the world can try and forgive us. Please let's stop the madness. Let's both get help. For our children. We owe them that. I am not an abuser Jenni and you know it. We look like a--holes to the world. We are. We are both a--holes."

In December, Mathews said in Instagram videos that he and JWoww had had an argument and that he phoned the police, who arrived to check on them and then left. He said that later that night, police returned and removed him from their home, saying that JWoww had filed a temporary restraining order against him.

Mathews wrote in his letter on Saturday that JWoww later posted her "rant" online after he asked for 50/50 custody of their children.

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Mathews also added, "You claim in your rant that I put our children in harm's way by filming myself and driving. I was doing 20 miles an hour leaving my buddy's development, but I will concede that that was not well thought out and I will absolutely refrain from doing that in the future. It's hypocritical of you however cause you are on the phone constantly while driving and doing your makeup and texting."

Mathews also disputed his ex's claim that their son Greyson is autistic. On Thursday, Us Weekly quoted a source as saying that Mathews was "not supporting" the 2-year-old's special needs and that this was is a "huge issue" between him and JWoww.

"As far as our son goes, we differ on his diagnosis, yes," Mathews wrote in his letter. "Many people, some of which I cannot name for they are in fear of retaliation from you, do not believe he is autistic. That includes some of HIS VERY OWN THERAPISTS. He is an amazing little boy and so high functioning."

Mathews also slammed JWoww for requesting child support from him, writing, "You make millions of dollars a year. Millions. I make maybe $100,000."

Later on Saturday, Mathews posted on Instagram, "Peace. Let it begin here. For two amazing children. They deserve it. Please."