Witchy Woman! Vote for Birthday Girl Emma Roberts' Most Iconic American Horror Story Character

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FEB. 18, 2024
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Surprise b**ch, it's Emma Roberts' birthday!

We bet you thought you'd seen the last of her...well, maybe not, but it might come as a surprise to some that the American Horror Story actress is now 28 years old. We remember when she was a Nickelodeon star with her show Unfabulous and now, she's 28?!

Time flies, especially when you're busy kicking butt as a witchy woman on one of the most iconic horror series of all time.

Throughout her career, Roberts has had a lot of memorable roles including the lead character in Nancy Drew, Grace in Valentine's Day and Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens.

As a part of one of Hollywood's most famous families the birthday girl has always been in the spotlight and thanks to her book club the Belletrist and her killer style she has earned her spot as one of the industry's most stylish and watched stars.

Her role—or roles rather—on American Horror Story is what really cemented her as a mega star during the past decade.

Emma Roberts' Best Looks

She broke out of her child star shell in 2013 when she first appeared on AHS: Coven as Madison Montgomery.

Next, she took on the role of Maggie Esmeralda on AHS: Freak Show and later Serena Belinda on AHS: Cult. Last, but not least, Roberts reprised her role as Madison Montgomery on AHS: Apocalypse and proved that her character could evolve, but remain fierce and fashionable.

Her time on American Horror Story and her epic slew of characters has led us to ask the question: which of Roberts' alter egos is your spirit animal? Or, maybe it makes more sense to ask which of the memorable characters is your alter ego?

Before you cast your vote, raise a glass and throw on your Prada boots in Roberts' honor, let's take a quick look back at each of her four characters (it's technically three, but Apocalypse was a different sort of Madison, so that makes four).


On Coven, fans were introduced to Madison, the former child star who had the power of telekinesis and the ability to be an uber b**ch and at the same time be lovable.

She was ultra-competitive, hardcore, vengeful and yet so powerful. She died twice and you still couldn't keep her down and never knew what the stylish witch would do next.

When Freak Show came around, Roberts took on a new persona as Maggie, the mystic fortune teller. She was a little morally corrupt, but usually had a calm demeanor and just wanted to escape her life in the end.

Emma Roberts Masters Holiday Party Style and More Best Dressed Stars

Serena was unlike her first two characters as she set out to be an ambitious news reporter. On Cult she was petty and vindictive and would stop at nothing to do her job even if that meant dying on camera.

Roberts took on the part of Madison once again for 2018's Apocalypse and although she was just as sharp-tongued and witty (and of course stylish) she had a softer side to her that we hadn't seen before.

Maybe it was all her time in her personal hell of restocking towels and dealing with annoying shoppers, or maybe it's because she had died so many times, but she was changed.

Her snark was there, but she was willing to save others, fight off warlocks and help people get closure.

Surprise, B!


All of these AHS characters were intense, used their sexuality to their advantage and were killed, but they were also smart, sassy and memorable.

In honor of Roberts turning 28, we want to know which of the characters on each of the four seasons of AHS is your favorite? Which one is your alter ego, or the one you wish was? Vote now.

Happy birthday, Emma!

May your day be filled with cake, books and maybe a little bit of magic.


Emma Roberts' AHS Character Poll

Which of Emma Roberts' American Horror Story characters is your alter ego?
Madison Montgomery on Coven
Maggie Esmeralda on Freak Show
Serena Belinda on Cult
Madison Montgomery on Apocalypse